Hyphys by Chef Bruce Lim at Robinsons Galleria

I’ve been to Chef Bruce Lim’s Hyphys in Robinsons Galleria twice in the past week. I had dinner there with my cousin after my graduation from makeup school. Then I met up with some friends for lunch a few days after. I was not impressed by the high prices and small portions at Chef’s Table which is also by Chef Bruce Lim but I was willing to give Hyphy’s a chance.

Hyphys Robinsons Galleria
I ordered the same thing I had at Chef’s Table — Calamansi Tuyo Pasta (P130). This costs P210 in Chef’s Table so I was surprised when I was able to get the exact same dish and serving size at P130. I love this dish. The flavorful blend of salted fish and citrusy calamansi is too yummy to pass up and so I always end up eating this instead of trying something new. XD

Hyphys Robinsons Galleria
Garlic Fries (P120) is described so nicely in the menu. It proved to be a disappointment when it finally reached our table. French fries topped with parsley bits and minced garlic. It was kind of bland, not garlicky in taste at all. A waste of money if you ask me. I think we can make a better version of this at home.

Hyphys Robinsons Galleria
We decided to share an order of Grilled Ham and Cheese (P168). It came with those same Garlic Fries without the garlic this time. I enjoyed the sandwich. I was famished from spending the last 12 hours in make-up school hahaha. 😀

Hyphys Robinsons Galleria
My daughter had Fish and Chips (P238). She finished everything, I only had a taste of the tartar sauce hahaha! It did seem soft inside and crisp outside though.

Hyphys Robinsons GalleriaBoth my cousin and my friend had Clam Pasta (P270). Lots of clams on cream-based sauce topped with bacon bits. They said it’s good.

Hyphys Robinsons Galleria
For dessert we went for Tablea Chocolate Torte (P150). It’s basically flourless chocolate cake made with tablea. I liked that it was rich, fudgy, and yet not overly sweet so it doesn’t make your throat sore.

Hyphys Robinsons Galleria
We also tried Chico Frozen Yogurt (P130). I have never eaten Chico before and so I have no idea if it does taste like Chico. My friend said it’s kind of like eating overripe Chico on the verge of spoiling. I didn’t like the weird taste so I don’t think I’m having Chico any time soon. The texture is more like ice cream than yogurt.

If you’ve always wanted to try Chef’s Table but aren’t willing to shell out so much cash, you might want to visit Hyphys instead. Of course the menu over at Chef’s Table is also more unique but at least you’ll get a preview of Chef Bruce’s offerings for less at Hyphys.

Hyphys by Chef Bruce Lim
The Veranda, Robinsons Galleria
EDSA, Quezon City

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