Human Nature Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a staple I always carry in my bag. I can’t be without a small bottle, especially when I’m with my kids.

Human Nature Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer in MandarinLong have I searched for the perfect hand sanitizer. My criteria being:

  • It should be handy in size so I can easily stash it in whatever size of bag I’m using.
  • It should leave no sticky residue or film on my hands after use.
  • The scent should not be so strong and annoying that it’s unbearable.
  • It should be reasonably priced, of course.

Along comes Human Nature Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer in Mandarin (P69.75, pictured above). Human Nature Sugarcane Hand SanitizerAlthough it sports a translucent yellowish hue on the bottle, the product actually comes out clear when pumped out of the container. Since I got the Sugarcane and Mandarin variant, the refreshing citrus smell of Mandarin oranges immediately filled the air. The scent is so yummy that it’s good enough to eat if it were tangible. It’s probably not a good idea to leave this in the hands of a small child as he or she may try to ingest it, since it has the aroma of real fresh oranges. You’ve really got to smell it to believe! 🙂

After applying Human Nature Sugarcane Hand SanitizerI love how clean my hands feel after application. There is absolutely no residue. No sticky or greasy film left behind, just the lovely feeling of clean and perfectly dry hands that smell divine.

Human Nature Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer is organic and triclosan-free too, so you can be sure it’s safe for the whole family. Triclosan is an anti-bacterial agent found to have negative effects on one’s endocrine system. It’s also associated with allergies. Most anti-bacterial products are formulated with triclosan.

I can’t believe a product this good costs less than P100. I love it! It’s hands down the best hand sanitizer I’ve ever used. 🙂

You can purchase this and other organic Human Nature products online from

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