How to prepare your home for a heatwave

You might be thinking, “Um, excuse me – it’s the coolest part of the year here”. Yes, but not only is climate change really mixing things up at the moment, but the spring to summer period will be here before you know it and you’ll have wished that you had made some sort of preparation for its return.


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If you’re ready to know how to prepare your home for a heatwave, even if it’s just wishful thinking for the future, read on to find out what you can do to be ready!

Get Ready to Shield Those Windows

Taking note of where the sunlight hits your house while it is not scorching hot is a good way to predetermine places which are going to get hot. When you’ve worked out which areas are going to significantly heat up, you’ll be able to prepare a shield to keep excess heat out of the home.

Shades are a great option for something quick and convenient. But for those in warmer places, consider something like an awning, which will block the sunlight but not reduce the air circulation.

Sort Out That Air Con

Unless you run particularly warm all the time, there is a good chance that your aircon will not be used over winter. That means all kinds of debris, leaves, and other wintery happenings can easily build up in there. Maintaining it over the cooler periods will mean there won’t be a mad rush to get it prepped and ready when the heat is already bearing down.

It’s best to check for leaks and get any mechanical problems fixed ahead of time. Summer will almost definitely be a busy period for aircon companies and you do not want to be left in heat.

Make Sure the Freezer is Ready and Stocked

There’s something about the seasons that definitely change our eating and drinking habits, one of those reasons being temperature. While many of us will now be enjoying a casserole, it won’t be long before we’ll want to break out the ice cream and salads. Get ahead of the curve by making sure your freezer is working and clean with no built-up ice. This means as soon as the heatwave hits, you’ll be ready to put your cold essentials straight in there without any problems.

Get Creative

There are a few unique tricks you can use when it comes to keeping yourself cool. Putting some ice blocks in front of a fan will help disperse some cool air. Using a hot water bottle filled with cold water placed in the freezer will give you your very own ice pack when you need it. For those nights when it’s  too warm, plan a little sleepover downstairs, as this is often the coolest place in the house!

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