How to NOT gain weight, period.

Earlier today, I went to Marie France for a consultation. It was for their latest belly-busting treatment (to be revealed soon)… I had to go in so they could gauge if I was a candidate for it. Basically, you need to have tummy bulges (bilbil) to qualify, hahaha! I have a lot and I’m not just saying it so yes, I was definitely a candidate.

Solenn Heussaff and Animetric at the Greenwich party

I was measured all over (arms, legs, tummy… etc.). I was almost afraid of the results because heck, it’s January and did I ever go on an eating spree last December thanks to all the parties and gatherings! In fact, that photo with Solenn Heussaff was taken during Greenwich’s Christmas party! I went to Buffet 101 at Robinsons Magnolia a grand total of three times and I even had dinner at Sofitel’s newly relaunched Spiral. Despite the fact that I went through Detox in a Bottle mid-December, I felt it wasn’t enough to keep me in check because all the eating continued right after. Anyhow I probably would be worse off if I hadn’t gone through the juice cleanse.
Surprise surprise! After my measurements were taken, results were recorded and well… my sizes did not go up from the last time I was at Marie France (well before December). I even lost half an inch from my upper arms. Jeez! I thought it must be the little things I was doing. I didn’t work out at all during December because I was too busy doing everything else. My kids’ yaya took a week-long vacation and our other helper was hospitalized. Guess who was stuck with all the chores? Waaah.
Just to make it clear this isn’t a post about how to lose weight, it’s a collection of tips on how not to gain weight. There’s a difference. If you’re okay with your present weight and size, this post will hopefully help you maintain status quo. Without further ado, here goes:

  1. Take the stairs if you’re just going up 2-3 floors. Seriously. I do this all the time. When I take my kids to their pediatrician at St. Luke’s we walk up and down the stairs. The clinic is on the 4th floor by the way. I find it senseless waiting forever for an elevator if I’m just going up and down a floor or two.
  2. Drink water. I usually skip sodas, juices, and iced tea in restaurants and even at home. Water is healthier. It’s fat-free, sugar-free, and calorie-free. Drinking a sufficient amount also helps you flush out toxins from your system.
  3. Try to sleep earlier and not later. If you stay up very late, you will get hungry eventually. Midnight snacks are not good because you don’t have time to burn the extra calories before you sleep.
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