How to Care for Your Dressing Room Mirror

Your dressing room mirror can show your best side. It’s an excellent tool to help you pick your angles. You want your dressing room mirror to be spotless so that when you apply your makeup, everything looks clear and flawless. If you are constantly cleaning dirt and smudges off the mirror, that can be really frustrating. A mirror that is not clean can be difficult to work with when getting ready to go out.

Dressing RoomHere is a list of things you can do to keep your mirror looking perfectly spotless as well as some guidelines on how to clean it:

Wash Your Hands Regularly

If you touch the mirror with your hands to adjust it or clip anything to it, you can smudge the mirror. You might also place dust, dirt or oils on it. Your hands often have microscopic particles on them, as well as visible particles from foreign objects. These particles can smear onto the mirror or collect there as your hands come into contact with the mirror or anything near it. Just picking up a brush or makeup container next to the mirror with dirty hands can increase the chance that dirt will collect on the mirror.

If you wash hands frequently, you will prevent dirt and oil from passing between them and the mirror. That will make it easier to keep the mirror clean and ensure that it stays very clean and functional. A mirror that has lost its clarity won’t be nearly as useful. It also won’t look very attractive, so frequent handwashing is one of the ways you can ensure the mirror stays looking great all the time.

Reduce Dirt in the Room

An untidy room is going to lead to an untidy mirror. If you’re not keeping the room clean, how can you expect your mirror to stay spotless? Little bits of fuzz and dust can collect on the mirror, diminishing its shine and clarity. Dirt can build up on the mirror, and excess moisture in the room can cause warping and structural weakness in both the mirror and the vanity.

This is why you should be keeping a clear dressing room. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. This will prevent moisture buildup and keep pests away. Consider having the dressing room professionally cleaned at least periodically. This will help to minimize dirt and dust buildup so that your mirror stays cleaner. You won’t have to spend as much time cleaning the mirror if the surroundings are kept neat.

Also, ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the room, especially when it is being cleaned. That way, dirt, dust, and water particles can be filtered out of the room rather than collected there.

Use Clean Makeup Tools

Your makeup tools can collect dust and oil over time. The sticky makeup substances can attract and hold these kinds of particles, spreading them onto the mirror if they come into contact with it. Moreover, your makeup will cake and collect on the makeup tools you use. It can build up on the brushes and other applicators. That can spread over to the mirror.

Take time to tidy up your tools, washing your brushes regularly and keeping them as clean as you can. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions for each of your makeup items, as you don’t want to accidentally damage them when you are washing them or trying to remove dirt and oil.

When you clean your makeup tools, you should choose an area away from the mirror, where particles are not likely to travel from the tools onto the mirror as you clean.

Clean Your Mirror

There is a right way and a wrong way to clean your makeup/dressing room mirror. You want to be careful not to use any abrasive cleaners or rough cloths on it. These can scratch the mirror’s surface and cause damage over time.

Make sure you use a glass cleaner to spray down the mirror with and avoid using soap and water. Glass cleaners are better than soap because some soaps are harsh and can be tough on mirrors. While some dish soaps work well, it is always better to use glass cleaner if it is available.

Once you have sprayed down the mirror, you can wipe it with a soft cloth. Use one that is labeled as lint free so that there is no particle residue left behind.

For best results, you should spray the cloth with the cleaner and then wipe down the mirror. Some cleaning experts will advise you not to spray the mirror directly. That’s because the cleaning solution can run behind the mirror and slip into a seam and building up moisture inside the mirror.

Once you have wiped down the mirror, you can check it over and see if it looks clean. If there are streaks left behind, you may be using the wrong kind of cleaner or cloth. If there are smudges of gunk on the mirror, you may need to scrub at those with your cleaning cloth.

Once again, avoid using anything abrasive to get rid of stuff that has accumulated on the mirror. You may be tempted to work at the gunk with a scrubbing pad or steel wool, and while those can get rid of stuff that has accumulated on the mirror, they can scratch your mirror as well.

Cleaning your mirror is a delicate process that should not be rushed. Take your time and look over the mirror before you finish cleaning. Make sure there are no streaks or lint left behind and ensure the mirror is spotlessly clean. If you follow the guidelines above, you should not have much difficulty, and your mirror should look perfectly clean.

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