Hotpot at home with the Nabe On-The-Go Set

One of the best food delivery experiences we’ve had came from Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot. We had their Nabe On-The-Go Set which you can get along with a lightweight and portable Nabe hot pot cooker! We’re not yet willing to dine in and hot pot places are among our go-to’s so we took the experience home.

Nabe On-The-Go SetWe had one of the Nabe On-The-Go sets which includes soup bases, meats, veggies, and assorted balls (Deal 4, which is good for 4 people). You can get the cooker for an additional P400.

Nabe On-The-Go SetThis is the cooker, unboxed. It’s really simple to operate. Just plug it in and turn on the switch. There are 2 heat levels, 1 and 2. We used 2 to boil the soup and cook then switched to 1 after it got sufficiently hot. The pot is attached to the stove so you have to be careful when washing this.

Nabe On-The-Go SetAll of these came with our Nabe On-The-Go set.

Nabe On-The-Go SetTheir beef is of really good quality! This one is our favorite.

Nabe On-The-Go SetThis fattier beef is yummy too.

Nabe On-The-Go SetThe Chicken Thigh Fillet was meh. Well I don’t like chicken very much plus I don’t think bagay sila sa hot pot.

Nabe On-The-Go SetWe got 2 containers of assorted balls and beancurd skin. Sayang lang walang mozzarella balls, which is my favorite. But what’s included are all good.

Nabe On-The-Go SetWe also had corn, assorted mushrooms, radish, and tofu slices.

Nabe On-The-Go SetWe got 2 soup bases — Spicy Miso and Tonkotsu and 2 sauces — Goma Dare and Ponzu.

Nabe On-The-Go SetJust fill the pot with water and mix in the soup base. Wait for it to boil. After it boils, put in the balls, veggies, mushrooms, etc.

Nabe On-The-Go SetThe meat goes last because they cook pretty fast (well except for chicken).

We completed the experience by playing “Japanese restaurant music” on Spotify lol. Anyhow, it was a rainy Sunday lunch when we had this and it couldn’t be more perfect. The broth, meat, veggies, and balls all went very well together. It was such a satisfying weekend lunch, one of the best we’ve had since quarantine started really. Price is reasonable too. If you already have a hot pot cooker at home, Nabe On-The-Go set prices start at P599. You can check the different sets and prices HERE.

For orders and inquiries, just message the Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot Facebook Page.

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