Highlights of 2012 — my last post for the year!

Here we are again… the last blog post of the year. I’m looking through months and months worth of posts as I type this. In my 2011 year-ender post, I had just begun my weight loss journey. If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know that undoubtedly the major highlight of 2012 for me was shedding off over 20 lbs. That said, I’ve compiled several things which pretty much made this year a memorable one for me…

Animetric's old jeans
Highlight #1: Losing over 20 lbs!

Yes, those were my size 12 Old Navy jeans which I used in 2011. They fit just right when I bought them in the US. I have since given them away because they practically fall off while I’m walking after I lost weight. You can read about everything I did to lose weight HERE. Thank you Del Monte Fit ‘n Right, Marie France Philippines, and Nestle Fitnesse!

Animetric 2011 and 2012

Suffice to say I have no plans of going back to the obese me. Every single day is a continuing battle against gaining weight. There is but one rule when it comes to maintenance: Don’t take in more than you can burn.

Everland Resort in South Korea

I’m not the least bit into Koreanovelas and I don’t know one Korean actor from the next (I only know Psy and he’s not even an actor!)… but do I know Korean beauty products! I love Korean beauty products and so it was really such a thrill for me to set foot on the land of Laneige… hehe! From Myeongdong to Everland, it was a super fun trip with family and friends.

Dove Glowing Skin Billboard on EDSA
This was something I did not expect, hehe! My photo was taken by top photographer Pilar Tuason too. I’ve always loved Dove so it’s all good! Thank you Dove Philippines!
Sangobion Mommy Blogger Awards

I was so surprised when Summit Media contacted me and informed me that I was shortlisted as one of the ten finalists in the Sangobion Mommy Blogger Awards. Online voting determined the final three winners and I got first runner-up. Thank you Sangobion and Smart Parenting Magazine!

Samsung Series 5 Laptop
Highlight #5: My Samsung Series 5 laptop!

Yes, I finally bought a replacement for my HP Mini 311 that had been giving me the blue screen of death from day 1. This baby is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor and a bigger screen compared to my old machine. I’ve been doing everything on it for the past few months and so far everything’s been smooth sailing.

Melissa Shoes
Highlight #6: Melissa shoes!

I haven’t blogged about them yet but boy, am I obsessed with Melissa shoes. I can’t seem to pass by Geleia without buying a pair. In fact, I have accumulated a total of four pairs in just a few months. The last pair I bought was from AVA.ph a couple of days ago and I am just waiting for it to ship… ho ho ho! It’s my friend skysenshi‘s fault. :p

Animetric and college friends
Highlight #7: Get-togethers with college friends!

I haven’t seen most of my college friends in over 15 years and in 2012 we had a total of 3 get-togethers. Two of them happened just this December! It was so great seeing my college blockmates from here and overseas.

Combs and scissors at the Bench Fix Training Center

I had the opportunity to learn basic haircutting at the Bench Fix Training Center under no less than master stylist Alex Carbonell. I’m all for acquiring new skills so yay! Thank you L’oreal Philippines!

Wilson Phillips Live in Manila 2012 at Mall of Asia Arena

I love Wilson Phillips. I have all their albums from the ’90’s. I never thought I’d see them perform live. It may be two decades later but you know what they say — better late than never! Thank you Mall of Asia Arena!

Animetric Brand Collaborations
Highlight #10: Working with brands I believe in.

In 2012, I had the opportunity to participate in a few campaigns by brands I believe in. All I can say is… thank you for the trust and the experience!

In life, there’s always a choice. It’s up to you to make it. I used to feel sorry for myself during social gatherings because I could only wear frumpy clothes due to my size. I decided I didn’t want to be that person anymore and I did something about it. You don’t accomplish anything by wishful thinking and there are no shortcuts if you want real results — these hold true in all aspects of life, not just weight loss.

Looking back, I must say that 2012 was a pretty good year. It was one filled with discoveries and experiences, not all of which can fit into this post. I’m very grateful for everything and words can never express how appreciative I am of what has been coming my way. I’d like to thank you all for your continued support. In two months, my blog will be celebrating its fourth year online and you know what that means… Animetric’s Favorite Things Year 4!

Happy New Year! Let’s all be positive and look forward to what 2013 has in store. 😀

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