Here comes the SUN… Cellular, that is!

SUN Cellular was the first telecom company to come out with unlimited calls and texts. I remember because unlimited calls and texts were precisely the reasons why my hubby and I got SUN Prepaid lines years back. Eventually we got SUN Prepaid lines for all of our employees. It’s so much more cost-effective coordinating with everyone using SUN! We would always get the Text Unlimited TU150 Load which gives us unlimited SUN texts and 4 hours of SUN calls for 30 days. Nowadays I use SUN to text even our customers, suppliers, and even our friends because hey, not everyone is on the same network! For the record, SUN has the best rate for unlimited texts to ALL networks on a daily basis at P15/day. SUN has gotten even better now in terms of connection and coverage because it’s backed telco giants Smart and PLDT. 😀

Sun Cellular x Xiaomi Mi3
SUN Prepaid x Xiaomi Mi3

For the sake of transparency, I’m letting all of my dear readers know that starting today, I am officially part of the SUN Cellular family. That said, I will be sharing SUN news, promos, and events with you from time to time. I’m really super excited about this partnership! 😀

Sun Prepaid Add 2

Anyhow, SUN Prepaid has something new for us — #SunAdd2. It’s an add-on promo that lets subscribers add unlimited FB, unlimited Viber / WeChat / Line, and/or 5MB mobile internet for an entire day just by adding P2 on top of selected SUN Prepaid loads (Call and Text Combo, Call and Text Unlimited, Text Unlimited). Just dial *247#2# to avail of #SunAdd2.

I think this TVC says it all. 🙂

Personally I think it’s good having the option of unlimited FB on call available for just an additional P2 — and for me it’s not even for socializing! I’ve had several stints managing brand Facebook pages in the past and well, it’s not a problem when I’m at home or in the office but what if I’m out? For just an additional P2, I can have unlimited Facebook for the entire day so I can keep tabs on everything without having to worry about the data charges. It’s the same if I need to talk to someone long distance, like my mom who’s living in the US. For just an additional P2, we can talk via unlimited Viber the whole day no matter where in the Philippines I am! If I need to check my e-mail, all I need to do is add P2 for 5MBs of mobile internet. My allowance when I was in first grade back in the 80’s was P2 a day. I used to think that there wasn’t anything I could do with P2 a day anymore… looks like I was wrong! With almost everybody toting around a smartphone these days, P2 will definitely be put to good use with SUN Prepaid. 😀

HD Makeup Studio and Academy Professional Makeup Course
For me, variety is the spice of life so I’m all for add-ons — whether it’s an additional knowledge or skill (hey I studied makeup at age 37!) or a newfound hobby, it’s these add-ons that make life just a little bit brighter and more interesting.

For more information about #SunAdd2, log on to

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