Hakata Ton-ichi at Top of the Glo, Glorietta

How much does a piping hot bowl of authentic ramen usually cost? Anywhere between P300+ and P400+, right? That said, I was surprised to find out that there’s a new ramen place in Makati (and SM North EDSA actually) serving up bowls and bowls of legit ramen for just P180 per serving. Welcome to Hakata Ton-ichi.

Hakata Ton-ichi GloriettaHakata Ton-ichi is located at Japan Town on Top of the Glo in Glorietta. It’s a very bright, modern, and sufficiently air-conditioned space that I immediately took a liking to.

Hakata King's Set width=In order to be able to taste a variety of dishes all at once, I ordered a Hakata King’s Set (P500). It comes with a bowl of ramen of your choice. Choose from Hakata Ton-ichi Ramen (tonkotsu), Red Ramen (spicy), Black Ramen (squid ink), or Miso-ichi Ramen. You also get either salad or sushi — Potato Salad, Hakata Salad, Sunny California Roll, or Teriyaki Pork Roll. A side dish of either Gyoza or Karaage, Hakata Fried Rice, and Mixed Fruits for dessert are included as well. You get a glass of Iced Tea too. It’s a really hefty meal which left me feeling stuffed.

Hakata Ton-ichi RamenSo let’s talk about the ramen. I loved the Hakata Ton-ichi Ramen, which is tonkotsu-based. I can’t believe they’re only selling this for P180 ala carte. It even comes with a ramen egg which is a paid add-on in other places! I found the ramen to be just right in terms of consistency — not too thick and heavy, not too light. Taste is just perfect. Noodles are just the right firmness. The pork is also very tender. I was able to finish this quite easily.

Hakata Ton-ichi GloriettaI opted for Potato Salad and whoa, I was surprised I got mashed potatoes (plus a bit of carrot) with ramen egg on the side! This is really really good.

Hakata Ton-ichi GloriettaMy table mate got the Hakata Salad, which is mixed vegetables with pork chasyu bits and dressing.

Hakata Ton-ichi GloriettaThe Hakata Fried Rice is a default when you get the Hakata King’s Set. Egg, leeks, rice, and pork chasyu are seasoned and fried all together for a tasty dish.

Hakata Ton-ichi GloriettaI opted for Gyoza as my side dish because I’m not really fond of chicken. Very nice and plump, they certainly didn’t skimp on these!

Hakata Ton-ichi GloriettaMy table mate got the Karaage, which is Japanese fried chicken. The pieces are quite big too, just like the Gyoza. Everyone was all praises for this one.

Hakata Ton-ichiThis is the glass of Iced Tea which came with my Hakata King’s Set.

Hakata Ton-IchiAside from ramen, Hakata Ton-ichi also has a variety of Curry Rice dishes on the menu. I was actually able to try their curry and the spice level is not adjustable… it’s a bit on the strong side so children be warned. Can’t wait to go back with the family so I can try their Cheese Gyoza! Imagine, for P500 you can pretty much just have a bowl of ramen and a drink at other places… but at Hakata Ton-ichi, it’s a super yummy full-blown meal complete with appetizer, side dish, rice, drink, and dessert!

At the moment, Hakata Ton-ichi has 2 branches: Glorietta and SM North EDSA. Do check out their Facebook Page for more information and updates.

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  • Reply Janet Dazo July 11, 2019 at 12:03 am

    We’ll try this very soon Ms. Ro, ang sarap naman pictures palang at swak na sa budjey

  • Reply Janet Dazo July 11, 2019 at 12:07 am

    Gusto ko yung cheese gyoza, sa taas pala yan ng glorietta, soon punta kami ng friends ko jan

  • Reply Jessica bathan July 11, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Never pa nakaexperience kumain ng ramen. Yung foods para ang healthy. For 500 sulit na sulit.

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