Glossier Cloud Paint Review

I’ve always wanted to try Glossier Cloud Paint. It’s Facebook’s fault. I kept seeing the Glossier Cloud Paint ad some time ago and I was convinced to buy. I wanted it so badly that I was scammed by an IG seller into buying fakes. After that fiasco, I just ordered from the official Glossier website and had it delivered to my mom’s house in the US.

Glossier HaulBecause I wanted to avail of free shipping and discounted prices, I ended up buying 3 products — Glossier Cloud Paint, Glossier Boy Brow, and Glossier Lash Slick.

Glossier Lash SlickThis is Glossier Lash Slick (US$16), a film form mascara. Film form mascara can be washed off with warm water. It claims to curl, sculpt, and lengthen.

Glossier Lash SlickThis is what the brush tip looks like.

Glossier Boy BrowAside from Glossier Cloud Paint, Glossier Boy Brow (US$16) is the product that I’ve heard a lot about. It’s an eyebrow grooming pomade which comes in Brown, Black, Blond, and Clear.

Glossier Boy BrowI got Blond because the photos I saw online made Black and Brown seem too dark. I tried using this and it really didn’t do anything for me. I’ll take an eyebrow pencil, thank you.

Glossier Cloud PaintI got Glossier Cloud Paint (US$18) in Puff. This is a cream blush in a tube that’s supposedly so easy to use there’s no way you can botch it up.

Glossier Cloud PaintI pressed the tube a bit and this big blob came out. This is WAY TOO MUCH product for both cheeks.

Glossier Cloud PaintThese are before (left) and after (right) application photos. I didn’t put a lot so there’s only a very subtle tint.

Glossier Cloud PaintLooks a lot better when I finish it off with a bit of highlighter. I put it on my eyelids too because I had dispensed too much product. On my lashes are Glossier Lash Slick. Yes, they lengthen but the effect is feathery. I’m not sure yet if I like it.

Glossier Cloud PaintYou can see Glossier Cloud Paint on my eye area better in this photo.

What I like about Glossier Cloud Paint:

  • It’s very blendable and pretty idiot-proof. If you put too much, you can blend it away.
  • Makes skin look naturally flushed and radiant.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t feel like you have makeup on.
  • Fragrance-free — no makeup scent.

Downside? It’s pretty pricey at P1,000 for a small tube. There are a lot of scammers selling fakes too so it’s best to order directly from the Glossier official site. The problem is, Glossier doesn’t ship to the Philippines. You can buy authentic products from Calyxta but stocks aren’t always available.

I can definitely see myself buying Glossier Cloud Paint again and trying other shades.

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    wow it looks like wala syang kapareha unique and dreamy ng packaging and parangang ganda itry nakaka attract po sya ❤️

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