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We’ve been using Glad products at home for the longest time — specifically Glad Cling Wrap and Glad Sandwich Bags. We use Glad Cling Wrap to keep food that are already in plates or bowls fresh… like cookie dough that needs to be refrigerated! Now that my daughter and I bake, we need Glad Cling Wrap more than ever. Wrapping food with Glad also ensures that the odors don’t mix inside our refrigerator. The sandwich bags meanwhile are used daily for my kids’ baon. We usually put sandwiches, cookies, or crackers inside Glad Sandwich Bags.

Glad Cling WrapSo anyway Glad sent over some nifty Glad Kitchen products a couple of weeks ago… specifically Glad Storage Bags, Glad Cling Wrap, and Glad Press ‘n Seal.

Glad Sandwich BagsSo what’s the difference between a Glad Storage Bag (above left) and a Glad Sandwich Bag (above right)? Glad Storage bags are made of thicker and hardier material. They can withstand more stress so you can store heavier items in them. They come in different sizes too.

Glad Storage Zipper Bags
For example, we love snacking on Pistachios here at home. We usually buy big 3 lb bags since it’s more economical that way. The big bags are usually not resealable and so we transfer the nuts to smaller bags like the Glad Storage Quart Zipper Bags. That way, we can take a bag each and snack on them at our own leisure.

Glad Press n' SealWhat really blew me away was Glad Press ‘n Seal.

Glad Press n' SealYou can actually use it to cover a glass of liquid (one side of Press ‘n Seal is sticky so you can actually just press and seal) and it wouldn’t spill.

Glad Press 'n SealI’m so amazed by this product. It costs a bit more than Cling Wrap though so Glad Cling Wrap is still the more popular choice.

Glad Cling WrapLove that Glad Cling Wrap comes in two different sizes now. I used to have to cut the Glad 30cm Cling Wrap (P89.40) when I was wrapping smaller plates or bowls. If you’ve tried using cling wrap you’d know it isn’t very easy to cut. Now that there’s Glad Mini Cling Wrap (P55), there’s no need to cut anymore, it fits over smaller plates, bowls, and containers perfectly!

Glad Cling Wrap and other Glad Kitchen products are available at major supermarkets, 7-11 outlets, and self-service Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

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