Gift Suggestion: Fruits in Bloom!

I dislike flowers and floral arrangements. I think it’s a waste of money because aside from the fact that you can’t really do anything with flowers, they just wilt and die. You end up throwing the whole thing, no matter how grand and expensive, away.

Fruits in BloomAnyhow, we were invited to visit Fruits in Bloom, a unique store right in the heart of Makati City (Rada St. to be specific).

Fruits in BloomFruits in Bloom offers special floral arrangements for your gift giving needs. But the thing is, they are made of flowers carved and shaped from fruits like pineapples, melons, bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries, etc.

Fruits in BloomI think they look so much nicer than actual flowers. :p

Fruits in BloomThese lovely fruit bouquets can be customized according to the occasion. I think those pineapple animals with chocolate covered apple slices on the photo above would be perfect as a gift to someone who just gave birth. 🙂

Fruits in BloomThis kind of fresh fruit floral arrangement is ideal for occasions like Mother’s Day or Grandparents Day. You can also use something like this as your table centerpiece during parties.

Fruits in BloomYou can even choose the kind of container you want for your fruity bouquet. This snowman vase is so fitting for the upcoming holiday season. Sure beats those generic fruit boxes we usually receive during Christmas, hehe. :p

Fruits in BloomYou can even have them carve Christmas trees out of pineapples and create the illusion of snow-tipped blooms with a bit of white chocolate coating.

Fruits in BloomMeanwhile, dark chocolate adds a touch of decadence to any fruity floral arrangement.

Fruits in BloomThese arrangements come in sturdy cardboard boxes when delivered or taken out of the store. Each one is made from fresh fruits on the day that it’s slated for delivery / pick-up. It’s highly recommended that the fruits be refrigerated and consumed within the day of receipt for maximum satisfaction. Prices start at P650 per arrangement depending on what you choose. Free delivery can be availed of with a minimum purchase amount.

I know I prefer this over flowers as a gift. :p

Fruits in Bloom
G/F Frabelle Building
109 Rada St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

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