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Had a lovely lunch at the relatively new hotpot place in Greenhills — Choi Hot Pot. As the name suggests, it’s Choi Garden’s hot pot place. Before I go on, I just want to let you all know that if you use your BDO World Elite, Platinum, Gold, or Titanium Mastercard to pay, Choi Hot Pot will take 50% off your minimum bill of P5,000. This promo will run until Sept. 30, 2019.

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeYour Choi Hot Pot session starts with the soup base. Their cooker has 2 compartments so you can choose 2 different soup bases. We had Chicken Stock Base (P420, on the left) and Chinese Herbs and Drunken Chicken Soup Base (P780, on the right).

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeThen you make your dipping sauce. They have a selection of condiments for you to use. If you’re unsure how to proceed, you can ask them to make it for you.

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeI’m pretty used to the hot pot life so I made my own dipping sauce, lol.

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeWe had Prawn Skewer (P1,300 per 1 kg). This is maybe 500g so it comes out to P650. I’m so amazed because when they served this to us, the prawns were still ALIVE and MOVING. Food here is THAT fresh. I felt kind of sorry for the prawns actually. XD

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeThen we had an assortment of balls… Prawn Balls, Squid Balls, Beef Balls, Mushroom Meatballs, Fish Balls with Roe… these cost P220 to P245 per serving. I’m kind of disappointed there are no Mozzarella Balls, which is my favorite.


Choi Hot Pot PromenadeMy favorite at Choi Hot Pot is the Japanese Wagyu (P680). You get 12 slices per order. It’s soooo good! OMG, I thought there would be no difference because thinly sliced beef is thinly sliced beef when you toss it into the broth… but that was not the case. Japanese Wagyu in hot pot is so addictive.

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeThis is the Diced Kumamoto Wagyu (P580). You get 15 cubes per order. Now these aren’t your spam-like wagyu cubes which people have been selling left and right. This is the REAL DEAL, just pure beef sliced into cubes. I like the Japanese Wagyu slices better though.

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeYou can also order veggies to go with your hot pot. They have Pechay (P120), Radish (P120), Pumpkin (P120), Lettuce (P160), Chinese Mushroom (P200), etc. I love their elevator-like cooker. Just press a button and it rises so the soup is left at the bottom.

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeThat said, it’s easier to get the cooked meats, balls, and veggies when the cooker is raised.

Choi Hot Pot PromenadeI definitely enjoyed my Choi Hot Pot experience!

Aside from Hot Pot ingredients, you can also order dimsum and short order dishes that they serve at Choi Garden Dimsum. They don’t have an eat-all-you-can option but you can get 50% off this month via BDO Mastercard. Great for dining in groups. 🙂

Choi Hot Pot
G/F Promenade Mall,
Greenhills, San Juan City

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