Fun Ranch’s 1st Kadabra Cup Open Stage Magic Competition

I was invited to be one of the judges at Fun Ranch’s 1st Kadabra Cup Open Stage Magic Competition last Aug. 28, 2010. It was held at the Big Red Barn. Tickets were sold for P250 per adult and P100 per child. Each person would get a complete meal with drink since it was a dinner show.

1st Kadabra Cup at the Fun RanchI brought my two kids along since they’re still at that age where they’re enthralled with magicians. We got VIP passes! 😀

Twelve magicians were competing that night, and each one would be given a maximum of eight (8) minutes for his act. Extending beyond that time frame would result in score penalties.

Scoring sheet for 1st Kadabra CupI was given a scoring sheet along with my fellow judges. There were five of us judging, three were from the magic industry which included the popular magician Jeffrey Tam — who has won several international magic competitions. The other two represented lay people, and I was one of them. You can watch a sample of Jeffrey Tam’s performance HERE.

Flash photography and video recording of the magicians’ acts were not allowed, and so I could only take photos of the acrobatic couple who performed during the intermission. They were good… no, scratch that, they were fantastic. I wish I took a video, because this photo doesn’t even begin to show a fraction of their incredible routine.

1st Kadabra Cup grand champion Ferdie Capito with Jeffrey TamA total of 10 magicians performed that night. Two could not make it on time and were disqualified. I took a photo of the 1st Kadabra Cup champ Ferdie Capito (above left) and Jeffrey Tam (above right). I knew he’d win, his quick change routines garnered lots of oohs and aahs from the audience and he was the only one who did them. Everyone else was doing a whole lot of wands and scarves.

Thanks to Fun Ranch for inviting me to be part of this wonderful event! 😀
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