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I can’t survive without a power bank or mobile charger. My phone is such a big part of my daily life. I use it when I drive so I can navigate with Waze or Google Maps. Data is always on because I need constant access to my e-mail. I also use Messenger to talk to hordes of people for work on a daily basis. My smartphone simply can’t last the whole day without some form of charging. This is where XPower comes in.

XPower PhilippinesXPower is a brand of mobile accessories which focus on battery power. Take these XPower Quick Charge 3.0 Power Banks for example. With varying milliamp Hours (mAh), these power banks charge your gadgets up to 4x faster. What’s more you can charge up to 2 gadgets at the same time. XPower Power Bank prices start at P1,890.

XPower PhilippinesAre you a multi-brand user when it comes to gadgets? I am. I prefer android phones but my tablet of choice will forever be the iPad. Instead of bringing around several charging cables, I can just use an XPower 3-in-1 High Speed Nylon Cable (P1,490). It has 3 ends: Micro USB, Type C, and Lightning. It’s durable too since the wire is covered with a non-tearable leather braiding shield.

XPower PhilippinesThe XPower BH1 Sport Bluetooth Headphones (P1,990) is designed for those with active lifestyles. Incredibly compact and lightweight, it packs a whopping 4 hours of battery life. You can wear it around your neck too.

XPower PhilippinesIf you often drive like I do, this is the accessory for you… the XPower Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger (P1,290). You can charge just about anything in your car with this.

XPower products are now available in all Digital Walker stores. For more information, check out Digital Walker’s social media accounts @DigitalWalkerPH.

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