Art lessons at Global Art Philippines! Win a full course for your child worth over P10,000!

My kids started taking art lessons at Global Art Philippines last month. I wanted something that would take their mind off video games. All they ever do at home is tinker with their gadgets so I strongly felt they needed an alternative activity. Kids from 4 to 16 years old can enroll at Global Art Philippines.

Global Art Philippines ReviewBefore your child starts lessons, he or she will be assessed to determine what the most suitable course for him/her. Assessment consists of asking the child to copy a drawing and then coloring it. Above is my 10-year old son’s assessment paper. For some reason he is so not inclined to color that from the time he was a toddler up until the present he has amassed piles of coloring books all left untouched.

Global Art Philippines ReviewAfter the child’s initial work is assessed, he will be taught the Global Art method of coloring and will be asked to color again. Above is my son’s work after being taught. It all happened within the same hour, during assessment. Yes, you can see results instantly.

Global Art Philippines ReviewThis is my 7-year old daughter’s assessment paper. She drew and colored on her own on the lower part. She applied the Global Art technique on the top apple.

Materials at Global Art PhilippinesAfter assessment, I was told that my daughter could take the Foundation 2 course (Foundation 1 is the most basic and is recommended for younger enrollees) while my son opted for the Comic and Cartoon course. Upon enrolling:

  • You pay a one time registration fee of P1,000. Student gets a free Global Art shirt and bag to store materials in.
  • You pay P1,300 for materials depending on the course. For my daughter’s Foundation 2 course, the materials consist of a set of oil pastels, an HB pencil, and a workbook (pictured above).
  • You pay the tuition fee. For my daughter’s Foundation course, it’s P8,400 for 12 lessons that last 2 hours each so that’s P350 per hour. You take the class once a week so one term = 12 lessons = 3 months. My son’s Cartoon and Comic course costs the same.

Materials at Global Art PhilippineCartoon and Comic course materials consist of C&C workbook, reference book, and a set of four technical pens.Global Art Philippines ReviewThe kids have the lesson in one of the classrooms with a dedicated teacher. They stay for 2 hours once a week.

Global Art Philippines ReviewFor Foundation 2, kids will be taught to trace, color, and eventually draw additional elements on their own to incorporate into the picture. Meanwhile the Comic and Cartoon course teaches one how to create and draw unique cartoon characters. They are given life through facial expressions, actions, varying perspectives, etc. Comic and Cartoon is generally recommended for older kids.

Global Art Philippines ReviewThis photo was taken during my daughter’s first session. I think it’s amazing how there is already an obvious improvement in her coloring. 🙂

Global Art Philippines ReviewMy son was tasked with creating his own unique character during the first session.

Global Art Philippines ReviewEach student gets a Global Art Rewards Card wherein he/she can earn points for coming on time, finishing a project, winning a competition, referring someone, etc. The points can later be redeemed for cool Global Art merchandise like…

Global Art Philippines Review

…mugs and baller bands…

Global Art Philippines Review…clay sets for crafts, and a whole lot of other items all of which you can check at Global Art Philippines’ FB Page.

Here’s the good news! Global Art Philippines is giving five (5) full term scholarships plus P2,400 worth of merchandise (like the Global Art goodies in the photos above) to 5 lucky kids who will join their promo on FB. For the full mechanics, please visit the Global Art Philippines’ FB Page. But wait, there’s more… one of the winners will be an Animetric’s World reader!!!

So scoot over to the Global Art Philippines’ FB Page for the complete promo mechanics now! Post the url of your entry on my comments section below along with your full name, email address, plus name and age of your child PLUS one (1) reason why I should pick your entry as the Animetric’s World winner.

Good luck! So far my kids love Global Art, I’m sure yours will too. 😀

Animetric’s World Winner: Christine Amador

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