Four Seasons Buffet and Hot Pot in Cubao!

Finally, I don’t have to go all the way down south to eat at my favorite hot pot place! Yes… Four Seasons Buffet and Hot Pot is finally open in Cubao, which is like a stone’s throw away from me!

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoIf Four Seasons Hot Pot City at SM By The Bay exudes a marketplace vibe, the Cubao branch boasts of cozy and homey interiors.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoI love how spacious and brightly lit it is there!

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoI was surprised to see that Four Seasons now offers 10 different kinds of soup bases for your hot pot: Pork, Chicken, Chinese Herb (Sibot), Fish, Sinigang, Sukiyaki, Sate, Haidilao Pickled Vegetable, Haidilao Mushroom Paste, and Haidilao Mala Paste. Choose your soup base first. Then pick out what you’d like to add to it from the buffet area.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoThere are lots of drinks to wash everything you eat down.

Four Seasons Buffet Cubao I love how they have coffee! I find buffet places with no coffee kind of lacking.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoIn true Vikings fashion, there are a lot of cooked dishes! It was easy to forget I had a piping hot pot of soup waiting for me at my table. What I’m showing you here doesn’t even cover 1/4 of the buffet spread.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoKailan with Oyster Sauce

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoGinger Onion Chicken

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoSteak Rice

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoThere are many different kinds of sushi!

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoThere’s even fresh seafood you can ask them to grill.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoI’m so happy that my favorite award-winning Vikings dish Binusog na Lechon is there! I love how crunchy the skin is. The rice stuffing is super yummy too! There’s also roast beef and turkey at the Carving Station.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoThere are just as many hot pot ingredients for you to choose from.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoBeef Curry Dumpling

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoSpinach Tofu

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoThere’s a meat station where you can have whatever type of meat you like in your hot pot sliced: beef, chicken, pork, lamb…

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoOatmeal Cookies

There’s an impressive dessert selection too — everything from cookies to cakes to native rice cakes to yogurt and ice cream.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoEnglish Choco Pudding

Four Seasons Buffet Cubao
My first visit to Four Seasons Cubao was weekday lunch. I had chicken broth and I was disappointed there were no Mozzarella Cheese Balls. They only have these during dinner time. The dinner menu is same the weekends and holidays spreads. Thank goodness there was Binusog na Lechon so it was still a great lunch. Those round golden brown bread-like things are Soya Puffs and boy they’re so chewy and yummy it’s almost indescribable.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoMy second visit to Four Seasons Cubao was weekday dinner. I noticed there are quite few additions to the spread aside from cheese balls and additional hot pot ingredients. There’s Classic Milk Tea (with optional Black Pearls) for starters.

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoThere’s unlimited beer!

Four Seasons Buffet CubaoAnd yes… my favorite dessert Puto Bumbong is always available for dinner! There’s Bibingka too… also a Taho scooping station beside them.

Four Seasons Buffet Manhattan ParkviewThat night I tried the Sukiyaki soup base. Wow. I was just floored by how awesome it was. It’s my first time to encounter sukiyaki soup base in a hot pot restaurant and I’m impressed!

I love love love Four Seasons Buffet and Hot Pot — highly recommended! Whenever my hubby and I need to entertain guests from abroad, we always bring them to either Vikings or Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Buffet rates are as follows:

  • Adult Weekday Lunch P688 / Dinner P888
  • Adult Weekends and Holidays Lunch / Dinner P888
  • Kids below 3 ft are FREE
  • Kids 3 to 4 ft Weekday Lunch P188 / Dinner P288
  • Kids 3 to 4 ft Weekends and Holidays Lunch / Dinner P288
  • Kids 4 to 6 ft Weekday Lunch P388 / Dinner P588
  • Kids 4 to 6 ft Weekends and Holidays Lunch / Dinner P588

Four Seasons Buffet and Hot Pot
G/F Manhattan Parkview
Gen. Roxas Ave., Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
932-7777 / 939-7777 / 0917-8635888 / 0998-9885888

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