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I’m sure that by now, most of us are familiar with food ordering platforms. But, did you know that there is actually one that is dedicated to corporate needs? Whether it’s for a corporate lunch, catering for an office event, or refreshments for a conference, has got your back. What’s more, they’re not just in Metro Manila. They serve Metro Cebu too!

Foodie is your corporate concierge delivery service for food, groceries, and even flower requirements plus other group needs such as on-site and off-site catering. Corporate clients need not spend time figuring out how to go around quarantine restrictions. Everything can be arranged via

Aside from having food catered or delivered, can also manage table reservations in your preferred restaurant on a company credit. Clients can enjoy an eat now pay later scheme with
flexible terms of up to 30 days a credit line is activated. Monthly rebates can also be earned by frequent platform users.

Foodie has nearly 100 partner establishments so there’s no shortage of options. Food delivery is guaranteed fast and fresh with only a 60-90 minute waiting time for same day orders. Clients can order with a minimum P500 requirement and 10% service charge.

Foodie PHI attended the virtual launch of Cebu and was given a chance to try the service here in Metro Manila. I ordered a little under P2,000 worth of food from Uncle Moe’s Shawarma. Of course, I picked the branch closest to our address to save on delivery fees. There is an out-of-zone fee starting at P100 if the establishment is too far from the delivery destination. I set the delivery time for 11:30am and what do you know, the food was delivered before 11am… hot and fresh! My experience was very good. If you are a company in need of this kind of service (they only accept corporate clients), is an excellent option.

Make your corporate new normal easier with You can apply via or email

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