Fog City Creamery Artisan Ice Cream

Artisanal food seems to be all the rage these days. I don’t even know what exactly that means. By definition, an artisan is a skilled manual worker or a craftsman. I’ve read that the adjective “artisanal” is often used to describe handmade food products. That is what Fog City Creamery offers — handmade ice cream crafted the old-fashioned way — free from chemicals, preservatives, and artificial stabilizers.

Fog City Creamery Ice Cream

Fog City Creamery let me try their four newest flavor offerings created especially for the holiday season — Tablea (Sugar Free), Peppermint Brownie, Brandied Cherries, Fruit and Nuts Deluxe.

Fog City Creamery Ice Cream

So let’s start with Fog City Creamery’s Tablea (Sugar Free). My father’s side of the family is diabetic so this is perfect for us. It’s sweetened with Coco Natura, an organic coco sugar made from coconut sap. One pint like the one above costs P300.

Fog City Creamery Ice Cream

My daughter who loves chocolate liked it a lot. She has been eating it everyday ever since we got it, lol. It has a very deep and rich taste but is not sweet.

Fog City Creamery Ice Cream

Next we tried Peppermint Brownie, also P300 per pint.

Fog City Creamery Ice Cream

It’s actually peppermint ice cream (yes, you read right — peppermint ice cream!) with fudgy brownie bits. I initially thought it was vanilla laced with peppermint but it’s not. Very minty and it gets plus points for the chewy brownies but ultimately I found the ice cream too sweet. Of the four I’ve tried, I liked this the least. My son loves it though.

Fog City Creamery Ice Cream

I saved the two flavors with liquor for last. Fog City Creamery teamed up Emperador Distillers for these. The first is Fog City Creamery’s Fruit and Nut Deluxe.

Fog City Creamery Ice Cream

I honestly didn’t expect to like the Emperador Brandy-laced ice cream flavors because I’m not really fond of alcohol but wow, Fruits and Nuts Deluxe turned out to be my favorite among the four. It’s loaded with big apricot pieces, pistachios, and almonds. I felt like I was eating deliciously creamed fruitcake. Wow. I’m officially blown away. Needless to say, it had just the right combination of bittersweet (because of the brandy). This costs P350 per pint.

Fog City Creamery Ice Cream
The second Emperador Brandy-enriched flavor is Brandied Cherries.
Fog City Creamery Ice Cream

Whoa, look at those big dark red cherries! I loved this one too, although Fruits and Nuts Deluxe remains my favorite. This costs P320 per pint.

Aside from these four special holiday flavors, Fog City Creamery has a lot more unique and interesting ice creams in their roster such as Bourbon Pecan, Ensaymada, Ferrero Rocher with Nutella Swirl, Salted Caramel and more. Other sugar-free flavors include Butterscotch Pecan and Espresso Almond.

For purchase information and other details, log on to or check out Fog City Creamery on Facebook.

Thank you Fog City Creamery for making our Christmas yummier. 🙂

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