Fish Spa at Manila Ocean Park

Fish Spa at Manila Ocean ParkAt the topmost floor of Manila Ocean Park is the Fish Spa. You can actually go straight to the Fish Spa without paying the P400 entrance fee of Manila Ocean Park. The attendants will escort you straight to the area. Of course, you can’t access the exhibits if you do this. But if you’ve already toured the facility and just want a foot spa, then this is the way to do it.

My feet at the Manila Ocean Park's Fish SpaBasically, you pay P120, take off your footwear, and dip your feet in a shallow pool full of fish. The whole session lasts for 20 minutes. The Doctor Fish, as they are called, would nibble at your feet and eat the rough dead skin cells. It’s really very ticklish at first but you get used to it after a while. There are two pools — one with smaller fish and one with bigger fish. The bigger fish are more aggressive and get the job done more efficiently, but are quite scary to behold. Pictured above are my feet in the pool with the bigger fish.

I swear, the Fish Spa puts the traditional salon-based foot spa to shame. My feet felt incredibly smooth and clean afterwards. Relaxing and addictive, the Fish Spa is really something you should experience at least once!

The Fish Spa at Manila Ocean ParkThe Fish Spa can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Upon paying the admission fee, you will also be provided with a small towel to wipe your feet with.

They say the smellier the feet, the more fish will flock to it. :p

The first time I encountered something like this was at Underwater World in Singapore. I wasn’t able to try it out then so I’m glad we also have it here at Manila Ocean Park. It’s a really great activity to entertain balikbayan or foreign guests with.

Manila Ocean Park
Behind the Quirino Grandstand
Luneta, Manila, Philippines

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