A Tribute to all Fathers

I don’t have a shortage of father figures, even if my own dad wasn’t around all that much when I was growing up. I had a really cool grandpa who was an aircraft engineer. He wanted nothing else but to take my sister and I to Disneyland. My dad has 3 younger brothers who all had a hand in guiding us through the years. My dad isn’t a bad person… he’s just always preoccupied with something. Anyhow, fathers are the light and pillar of every family. Do we really know how much they do for us on a daily basis?

In this video, Firefly LED features 3 real-life fathers from all walks of life. Each one shares what fatherhood means to him.

“Ako ang nag-aalaga sa kanila, lahat ng pangangailangan nila — pag-aaral, pagkain, baon nila araw- araw, kung ano yung kailangan, yun ang ginagampanan,” says Harold, a 43-year-old single father and architect, of his responsibility to his three children.

When asked what kind of father he is to his children, Rowel, a 47-year-old electrician has this to say, “Mapagmahal na ama. Hanggang kaya ko magtrabaho, gagawin ko. Sila lang ang kayamanan ko sa buhay.” Aside from being an electrician, Rowel has also been doing various odd jobs to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, 50-year-old driver turned real estate agent Mario, takes pride in being able to provide for his children, especially for their education, “Napagtapos ko silang lahat. Masasabi ko pa rin naman na naging maayos yung pagpapalaki ko sa kanila.”

As the 3 fathers were talking about the joys and sacrifices of being a father, unbeknownst to them, their families have been listening to their interviews. This time, it’s their families who will be making the effort to celebrate the wonderful fathers that they are. Selfless, loving, and will do anything for their families.

This Fathers Day tribute reminds us how, even if dad is busy working, he’ll always be there for us each time we need him.

“Darating din ang panahon na magiging magulang sila, sana ganon din ang gawin ng mga anak nila sa kanila,” ends Harold.

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