Introducing… Figaro Spoon Meals

I was invited to preview Figaro’s latest menu additions last May 23, 2011. We started off with Figaro Spoon Meals, which are quite simply put, complete chicken and rice meals served with your choice of Iced Coffee or Iced Tea.

Figaro Spoon MealsWe were first served Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce (P215).

Figaro Spoon MealsFried and breaded pieces of white chicken meat are topped with cheese sauce and thyme bits. On the side are buttered corn kernels and carrot tidbits plus a cup of steamed rice. I thought it was an interesting dish but my daughter did not like it because of the strong thyme flavor.

Figaro Spoon MealsChicken a la King (P215) was next. I would describe it as deconstructed chicken pie served with buttered vegetables and steamed rice. Both my daughter and I couldn’t get enough of it. Chicken chunks, carrot pieces, celery bits, sliced button mushrooms, and minced bell peppers are cooked in yummy buttery cream sauce. It’s so nice especially since it’s served piping hot.

Figaro English Matrimonial BarFor dessert, we had an English Matrimonial Bar (P49). It’s made of oats and dessicated coconut then filled with a butter and raspberry spread in the middle. Quite nice as it’s not overly sweet. I imagine it would go very well with hot coffee. I guess it got its name because it’s usually served in English weddings? If so, did Prince William and Princess Kate have any? Haha.

Figaro Banana Hazelnut TurnoverThen there was the Banana Hazelnut Turnover (P69), a light banana-laced puff pastry topped with rich and creamy hazelnut spread. My daughter liked this better than the bar. It’s pretty good. 😀

Figaro Iced TeaBoth my daughter and I love Figaro’s Iced Tea. We love how fresh calamansi flavors the brewed tea. It’s just the right combination of citrus and sweet. This is the drink that I always have whenever I visit Figaro.

Check out the Figaro Spoon Meals and new pastries at a branch near you. Log on to for a complete list of stores.

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