Fake China products against COVID19?

These are very trying times. I never imagined that I’d experience a worldwide pandemic in my lifetime. Suddenly daily essentials include face masks, face shields, an oximeter, disinfectant… the list goes on depending on how paranoid one is. That said, it’s very important that we’re sure of the quality of the things we use. Our lives are at stake after all. It only takes a single exposure to become infected with COVID19.

fake china productsSaw this article on my news feed the other day. Substandard face masks that are supposedly from Taiwan are circulating in the Philippines. The world is a witness to Taiwan’s efficiency in containing the virus, and so products like face masks from Taiwan are in high demand. I think it’s quite alarming that there are people who would take advantage of this by passing off substandard products from China as the real deal. Given how easy it is to shop online, how can we be sure that we’re not getting counterfeits?

I believe this is one area our government should be focusing on — the steady proliferation of substandard masks and PPEs among other things from China. Honestly, whenever I read about the China made vaccine being ready soon in the news, I’m more afraid of it than COVID19! China has a history of inoculating its own citizens with fake vaccines so I wouldn’t be too excited about their upcoming COVID19 vaccine. I’ve seen documentaries about all sorts of fake China products. They even fake stuff like eggs and other food items! Plus I still remember the melamine in milk scandal that reached our shores over a decade ago. I’m not saying that everything from China is fake, but it is the source of a lot of counterfeit products so we have to be vigilant.

I guess what I really want to say is be extra careful in procuring these new essentials.

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