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Now more than ever, we’re always in front of some sort of screen. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV, screentime for most of us has increased with the pandemic still raging. A lot of us do our work online these days and most of our kids have been doing online distance learning since 2020. This will unavoidably take its toll on our eyes, so we must also take extra care of them.

Eye Mo Daily CareEye Mo Daily Care cleanses eyes and relieves itchiness. Touching our eyes is even more of a no-no these days yet it’s unavoidable that we encounter pollutants and irritants whether we’re indoors or outdoors.

Eye Mo Daily Care is formulated with boric acid that relieves itchiness by gently cleansing eyes of dust and pollution that helps us avoid rubbing our eyes. Boric acid eyewashes have been used for generations to cleanse irritated eyes and fight infection. It is effective for irrigating eyes exposed to grit or other foreign objects.

When used in an eyewash, boric acid has a number of useful properties:

  • Mild antiseptic properties: It can inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and may help prevent certain mild infections.
  • Compatible with your eye tonicity: What this means is that the drops neither diffuse nor dilute the essential chemicals in our eye fluid. This makes it ideal for irrigation as it won’t undermine the eye’s natural chemistry.
  • Acts as buffering agent: Buffering agents are able to maintain the pH balance of a solution even if an alkaline or acid added. By doing so, other active or inactive ingredients may be added without altering the pH balance of the solution.

Eye Mo Daily Care can be applied up to 3 times a day on daily basis. There are no known bad effects from using too much Eye Mo Daily care, but sticking to the usage instructions is highly recommended. It can be used by anyone, even children, older people, and even pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Contact lens users are advised to remove their lenses first before using Eye Mo Daily Care.

All Eye Mo variants are available at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide. Eye Mo Daily Care’s SRP is P99. Also available at Lazada.

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