Enjoying the sweetness of life with Splenda!

I love desserts. I can never resist biting into a cake or cookie. I love chocolates too. I even like caramel apples. Yes, I always say that I hate overly sweet things (which I do) but I know that desserts which I don’t find too sweet are still loaded with sugar. That can’t be good, especially as I hail from a family of diabetics. My dad, grandma, and uncle all have diabetes. It’s a hereditary thing from dad’s side of the family.

Tarte Paris from Dragonfly Desserts
Let’s face it, I love desserts too much to give them up.
Moshi Moshi Special Crepe at Moshi Moshi in Katipunan

How can I enjoy life without my desserts? I always look forward to and leave space for them. Since I enjoy blogging about food, you can be sure I dine out a lot so there’s a whole world of desserts to conquer!

Ben's Cappuccino at Kuppa Roastery and Cafe

Then there’s coffee. I love coffee. It’s just so perfect after a hearty meal and it goes so well dessert. For the life of me though, I just can’t take coffee black. It’s too bitter. But I’m too afraid of sugar… so what happens is, I have coffee then I overload on the milk, cream, half-and-half or coffee creamer to dull the bitterness. Doing so is probably not too good for my waistline.


My dad discovered Splenda some years back. We would hoard boxes and boxes of it from the US when it was not yet sold locally. That said, we’re so happy that it’s now readily available in supermarkets around the metro. I always have a box of Splenda in stock at home at any given time because we can use it to sweeten everything… even baked goodies since the taste doesn’t change when used for cooking and baking.


Splenda is very economical. I need only use 1/3 of a packet for my morning coffee and it’s already good. I noticed that with other sweeteners I need to use the entire sachet. I prefer Splenda to other sweeteners because there’s no bitter aftertaste.

Splenda is easy to use too. Its super fine granules dissolve instantly when mixed with food or drink.

Why I prefer Splenda to other sweeteners:

  1. It’s a truckload of sweetness in one little sachet. Like I mentioned earlier, one packet is good for 3 cups of coffee in my case. The economics alone makes it the practical choice.
  2. It tastes better. With Splenda, there’s just sweetness… other brands have this weird medicinal aftertaste which Splenda doesn’t have.
  3. It’s sucralose, not saccharin or aspartame. Saccharin has been linked to cancer while our pediatrician warned me that aspartame can kill brain cells. I’ve been reading up on sucralose and so far there have been no conclusive findings with regards to adverse effects on the health.

Whenever I use Splenda I don’t have nagging thoughts at the back of my mind about how my blood sugar level is shooting up. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and so the disease is a very real threat to me. The fact that Splenda is a no-calorie sweetener also complements my fitness goal of reaching my ideal weight too.

What about you? Do you use sugar substitutes? Try Splenda and taste the difference. Check out Splenda Philippines on Facebook! 😀

*This post is brought to you in part by Splenda Philippines. All opinions stated therein are mine.

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