Dove Glowing Skin Billboard on EDSA

Okay, I’ve never even dared to dream of being on a billboard. I’m one of the most un-showbiz people around and I don’t even watch TV… much less recognize most of the actors and actresses my kids’ yaya keeps pointing out to me when we go out.

Dove Glowing Skin Billboard on EDSA

But there I am, on the Dove Glowing Skin Billboard on EDSA. I recently posted about women getting the chance to be on the next Dove billboard. You have until the end of October to give it a go.

Animetric for Dove by Pilar Tuason

This is the original photo taken by Pilar Tuason. Make-up by MAC Philippines.

This is the complete video of the Dove LED billboard ad for week #1.

They will change the photos every week so if you want to be a Dove girl,
you still have a chance.

Visit the Dove Glowing Skin Billboard at these sites:

  1. EDSA Northbound, Paragon Building in Boni, Mandaluyong
  2. EDSA Southbound, near New Horizon Hotel

I guess I can now cross being on a billboard off my bucket list, haha! Back in 2012, I actually took on the Dove 7-Day No Mirror Challenge. So yes, I have actually tried using just Dove on my face. 🙂

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