Dove Deodorant 7 Day Challenge for smoother, whiter underarms!

Last July 23, I attended a roundtable discussion by Dove on women’s underarms. According to statistics, majority of women feel insecure about dark underarms… I know I would. That lack of confidence can translate to many things… being conscious about raising one’s arms, refusing to wear sleeveless clothes, etc.

Dove Deodorant Philippines

Fact is, many women experience skin discoloration in the underarm area. There are so many reasons why this happens. It can be anything from constant rubbing against tight clothing to trauma associated with hair removal. The good news is, there is something you can do about it… you can take the Dove 7-Day Challenge and see whiter, fairer, and smoother underarms in just 7 days.

Dove Deodorant Philippines

If there’s a skin care regimen for the face and body, there’s now one for underarms too… but it’s a lot more simple, lol. Simply apply any whitening variant of Dove deodorant every day on your underarm area and you should see an improvement after 7 days. There’s Dove Original which now comes with whitening.

Dove Deodorant Philippines
Need more intense whitening? Try Dove Advanced Care Ultimate White.

Dove Deodorant Philippines

If you’re iffy about certain chemicals and ingredients, there’s now Dove Pure. This line is free from fragrance, parabens, colourants, and alcohol so it’s gentle on the skin.

All the Dove variants come in spray, stick, and roll-on form. Try the Dove 7 Day Challenge for smoother and fairer underarms! I’m grabbing a stick of Dove Ultimate White and seeing for myself, lol.

Dove deodorants are available at all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

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