Dad’s wake and our deepest thanks…

My dad’s passing is the third major death I’ve experienced in my almost 40 years in this world. The first was my aunt’s who took care of my sister and I when our parents separated. I was pregnant with my first child back then so I was not allowed to go to her wake. All I could do was write a eulogy which was shared to the people who were there. The second one was my paternal grandmother’s. My sister and I went to live with our paternal grandmother when our parents separated, so it was also she along with my aunts and uncles who saw us through our gradeschool and high school years. I had just given birth to my second child when she passed on but I was there nightly at her wake up until her interment. I was able to accompany her to her final resting place beside my aunt. Now it’s dad’s turn to go.

Dad's Wake

He was brought to the chapel a little before 8pm last Monday evening. By then, there were already flowers from my dear friends at Bridges PR and Samsung Philippines waiting for him. We can’t thank you enough.

Dad's Wake

My closest friends from high school also dropped by the first night and also had flowers delivered afterwards. We got flowers from high school friends who are currently in Canada and the US too. Thank you, thank you so much.

Dad's Wake

Thank you to my dear friends from ARC PR, Laneige Philippines, and Greenwich. Greenwich also provided meals for us for the day, thank you so much.

Dad's Wake

Thank you to my dear friends at Unilever Philippines, and to the wonderful family of Jeff and Jane Go for the pretty floral arrangement which now stands beside dad.

Dad's Wake

Thank you to my dear friends at USA 2 Everywhere, Sample Room, and Oishi Philippines. We were all so surprised when boxes of Oishi juices and snacks were delivered to the chapel. We replenish supplies on a daily basis so these were really really helpful.

Today is the 4th day of my dad’s wake. His interment is on Saturday. I’m usually there from 6pm onwards since I still have to work during the daytime. We would like to thank everyone who has dropped by to visit — high school friends, blogger friends, relatives… thank you all for taking time out to pay your respects. Some of you have never even met dad and yet still you came, thank you so much. Thank you also to everyone who has expressed their condolences, our family is very grateful for all your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. We can never thank everyone enough for the overwhelming outpouring of love and support during our time of sadness.

We find comfort in the fact that he is in a much better place now. As the pastor said, it was not a perfect life but we are all very glad that he eventually found the Lord.

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