Coping with a lazy eye — my little girl’s story in Health Today Magazine

Health Today Magazine October 2009 issue with Maja Salvador A few months ago, my 5-year old daughter was diagnosed with amblyopia or lazy eye. While the news was disheartening, we wasted no time doing what was necessary in order to ensure her recovery. I believe we are under the care of one of the best pediatric ophthalmologists in the country — Dr. Alvina Pauline Dy Santiago.

Eyeglasses were prescribed since her lazy eye had already developed near-sightedness with a grade of 100. She was to undergo eye-patching for three hours a day and eye exercises when she wasn’t wearing the patch. Fortunately my little girl is very cooperative. Unlike most kids her age who are resistant to wearing glasses and eye-patching, she embraced her treatment with willingness. She never complains, she just follows whatever the doctor orders.
The full story on how we found out she had lazy eye, facts about amblyopia, and a whole lot more can be found in an article I wrote for Health Today Magazine’s October 2009 issue entitled “A Better View”. The article was not given to me as an assignment. I felt I had to share our experience with other parents and create awareness about this often imperceptible affliction.

A Better View by Rowena Wendy Lei for Health Today Magazine October 2009I submitted an 800-word article on lazy eye to the editor of Health Today and Moms Today. I was aiming for Moms Today since I felt moms should be informed about this but it was decided that my article would appear in Health Today instead. You can actually read the whole feature here, but I highly suggest grabbing a copy of the magazine since it’s a treasure trove of really useful health information.

I hope our experience will be helpful to other parents. Eye exams are usually not part of a child’s regular check-up but an annual comprehensive eye exam is essential in the early detection and treatment of eye problems. Do consider having your child’s eyes checked once a year.
Upon last check-up with Dr. Santiago, my daughter’s eyeglasses have been discontinued since her vision in the lazy eye has improved. She is still undergoing eye patching and doing eye exercises though, but we are hopeful that her eye will get better soon.

You may contact Dr. Alvina Pauline Dy Santiago’s clinic at 7278382.

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