City Delivery brings Mercato Centrale to you… and me!

I love trying out new stuff to eat. I’ve been to both Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato a whopping one time each, and it’s because Saturday and Sunday are just about the only days I don’t have to wake up at 6am to take my kids to school. I enjoyed my visits to the two Mercato’s, but it’s just plain difficult for me to find the time to go more often.

City Delivery Mercato CentraleAnd so you can just imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out that City Delivery now offers Mercato food delivery! You can either call 87878…

City Delivery Mercato Centrale…or log on to Just click on Partners on the navigation bar and then select Foodie Partners to be taken to the page where all the participating Mercato vendors are listed. There are eight (8) in all:

  • Bale Dutung
  • Big Bob’s Charcoal Grilled Burgers
  • Chuck’s Grubberie
  • Homemade Ravioli
  • Manang’s Chicken
  • Merry Moo
  • Mochiko
  • Spring by Ha Yuan

City Delivery Mercato CentraleI was particularly interested in Big Bob’s Charcoal Grilled Burgers as it was something I had not yet tried. Plus, I’m always partial to something that’s easy to eat. 🙂

City Delivery Mercato CentraleMy meal from Big Bob’s was scheduled for delivery last Saturday, August 6. I encountered a minor inconvenience when the rider could not find my house and subsequently got lost. City Delivery called me on my cellphone to confirm my address and to make a long story short, the rider successfully delivered my food an hour after they called me. I was not home by then so I asked my helper to receive the items on my behalf. I had just started attending a professional make-up artistry course and well my class was supposed to be over by 6pm but it was almost 10pm when I finally got home. Good thing my Big Bob’s meal was all neatly packed and waiting for me. I was famished as I couldn’t have dinner in class.

City Delivery Mercato CentraleMy Wine and Cheese Steak Sandwich was neatly wrapped in foil and then encased in a securely lidded plastic container. I was quite impressed. 😀

City Delivery Mercato CentraleThe burger was huge. Perfect for my growling stomach. It had two juicy beef patties filled with cream cheese in the middle. There were lots of veggies too — lettuce, tomatoes, onions… it was sooo good.

City Delivery Mercato Centrale
I also had a Cherry Cake for dessert. I was wowed by how neat it was despite the fact that it was delivered via a speeding motorcycle!

City Delivery Mercato CentraleThere was also cheesecake and bibingka. Actually, I just finished the bibingka and gave the other two cakes to my hubby and kids the next day.

I was so stressed and tired that day because I had been standing for about five hours making up two models for the first time in my life. I drove home with an empty stomach because my back was killing me already and all I wanted to do was to lie down. My Big Bob’s meal brought by City Delivery a few hours earlier really hit the spot. Our helper was already sleeping when I got home so at least all I needed to do was pop the burger foil and all in the oven toaster for a bit and then take out the cakes from the refrigerator. It was just so… right. I felt a bit rejuvenated after my satisfying meal.

I think I’ll try Bale Dutung next. Now I’m wishing all the Mercato merchants are just a dial or a click away, hahaha! 😀

For your food delivery needs just dial 87878 or log on to There’s practically a smorgasbord just waiting to be delivered.

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