City Buffet Restaurant

After our kids’ practice swimming session at the ULTRA one weekday afternoon, we proceeded to Robinsons Galleria to have dinner and to buy some gear (goggles and trunks for our boy).

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaCity Buffet Restaurant caught our eye. Everyone was hungry and didn’t feel like waiting for food to cook and so we decided to try this eat-all-you-can buffet place.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaThe set-up is reminiscent of Buffet 101 in Robinsons Magnolia but there are markedly less choices when it comes to dishes. Shown here are Pancit Bihon and Philippine Spicy Pork.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaLike most eat-all-you-can buffets, City Buffet Restaurant has a wide variety of sushi.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaTypical, nothing special. Not good, not bad.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaSeafood Fried Rice… there’s also plain steamed rice and a few kinds of pasta dishes. Pizza too.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaThis was probably the dish I liked best. It tasted like sukiyaki but udon noodles accompanied the broth instead of the usual transparent sukiyaki noodles. Still, it was decent.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaChinese Radish Cake with XO Sauce… I didn’t try it.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaI liked this one, Tofu Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaCrabstick Tempura and Vegetable Tempura. Yucky because they’re not freshly cooked hence they were kind of tough and hard to bite/chew.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaSteamed Asado Siopao and Steamed Taro Buns were cold, hard, and dry. Ugh. Terrible.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaDesserts consisted of different flavored ice cream in a freezer, a chiller filled with cakes and jellies, and these pastries. We all just had ice cream since it seemed the safest choice. It’s drink-all-you-can too, you can get sodas and iced teas at the self-serve dispensers.

City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons GalleriaThe kids weren’t happy about the food. They said it was bad. I’m inclined to agree because everything seemed cold and old. Just about the only decent dishes were the Sukiyaki Udon(?), Tofu Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce, and some of the sushi (not all because some tasted weird). There was actually a lot more viands (there’s even a salad bar!) but I did not find them appetizing enough to try.

The air-conditioning at City Buffet Restaurant is almost non-existent. We were all sweating due to the heat. It was just so hot, even if they had a few electric fans turned on. There were very few of us dining at that, I can imagine how hellish it would be if it was a full house. The kids were itching to leave. We paid P399 for 3 adults and P259 for one child. Was it worth it? Not really, because we could have had a better dining experience for the same price or less elsewhere. I don’t recommend this restaurant… you’re much better off at Dad’s World Buffet in SM Megamall.

City Buffet Eat-And-Drink-All-You-Can Rates:

  • Mon-Fri Lunch / P369
  • Mon-Fri Dinner / P399
  • Sat-Sun-Holiday Lunch and Dinner / P439
  • Children Below 4 Ft / P259
  • Leftover Price / P599

City Buffet Restaurant
4th Level Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Quezon City

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