Chuck’s Deli at Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City

We were invited to visit the newly opened Chuck’s Deli at Serendra last January 11, 2011. It’s located at the back part of Piazza Serendra facing Market! Market!, in case you have trouble finding it. 🙂

Chuck’s Deli specializes in sandwiches, the type you see in Hollywood movies — especially those set in New York. Owner Kat Kuhn-Alcantara got the idea from her hubby who grew up in the United States.

Chuck's Deli SerendraIndeed, diners will be awed by the extensive selection of delicious real meal sandwiches. These aren’t the type that you have for merienda, they’re big and hearty enough to tide you over lunch or dinner. We had our first taste with the California Waki Slabwich (P255 half slab / P445 full slab, pictured above). Kani (crabsticks), sliced hard-boiled eggs, fresh mango slices, shredded lettuce, and wasabi (horseradish) mayo lie between two halves of the crisp yet soft bread. It’s very refreshing and light. Slabwiches are Chuck’s Deli’s specialty — half a kilo of piled-up sandwich goodness that’s really not for the faint of stomach. I’ve seen the full slabwiches and I don’t think I can finish one on my own, hehe. 😀

Chuck's Deli SerendraNext up was The Buffy (P255 half slab / P445 full slab, pictured above) — Spicy Buffalo Chicken (and I mean REALLY hot) on a bed of coleslaw drizzled with Chuck’s special garlic sauce. I have very high tolerance for spicy food but this had me reaching for my water the moment I took a bite.

Chuck's Deli SerendraFor a tamer poultry-based slabwich, I recommend The Pilgrim (P255 half slab / P445 full slab, pictured above). It’s aptly described as Thanksgiving in a bun since it has roast turkey meat, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy. It’s very good and it feels guilt-free too due to the absence of richer accompaniments like mayonnaise. 🙂
Chuck's Deli SerendraHankering for some real meat? The Reuben (P275 half slab / P449 full slab, pictured above) is guaranteed to satisfy those hunger pangs. Tender and tasty homemade Angus corned beef (Kat makes it herself!), swiss cheese, sauerkraut, mustard, and Chuck’s sauce. Chuck’s sauce is a zesty garlic sauce which come in those squeezable dispensers on the tables. It’s guaranteed to add that special kick to your sandwich. 🙂

Chuck's Deli SerendraAll sandwich orders come with these homemade potato chips. They are crisp and natural-tasting but I’d prefer a bit more salt. 🙂

Chuck's Deli SerendraAside from slabwiches, Chuck’s Deli also has subwiches on the menu. They’re served on hoagies fresh from Chuck’s oven. This is the Philly Cheese Steak subwich (P295, pictured above). Beef slices, melted American cheese, sliced onions and bell peppers, and button mushrooms. Hubby liked it a lot, I suspect my son will too. 😀

Chuck's Deli SerendraChuck’s Deli serves burgers too! Each burger is made with half-pounder patties on poppy and sesame seed sprinkled buns. Chuck’s Burger (P265, pictured above) is really yummy. Juicy US Angus beef patty, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, Chuck’s sauce, and mayo mustard. Our version had all the add-ons — cheese (+P45) and bacon (+P45).

Chuck's Deli SerendraLast but definitely not the least, we had the Faking Duck (P185 half slab / P295 full slab, pictured above). It’s not really duck per se, it’s juicy roast pork cooked and sliced to simulate peking duckpiled on top of lettuce, leeks, crispy noodles, and then drizzled with Hoisin sauce. It’s really amazing how it tastes so much like a peking duck sandwich. 😀

Incredibly, there’s still a lot on the menu that we haven’t tried. All the breads are freshly baked, straight off Chuck’s Deli’s oven so all the sandwiches are served warm. The breads stay crisp even when laid out for a long time too. Imagine there were about 7-8 of us taking photos of each sandwich before we’d split it up and eat yet everything retained the fresh taste. I attribute this to the fact that only the best ingredients are used for each sandwich — freshly baked bread, fresh veggies, homemade and home-cooked meats… your hunger is completely satisfied by the hearty sandwiches but you don’t feel icky as if you’ve over-indulged.

Another good thing about Chuck’s Deli is the location. While you can’t drive thru, you can drive by since it’s located by the driveway (close to the loop near Market! Market!). You can easily call in your order and then just drive by to pick up your sandwich.

Chuck’s Deli is also the new home of Paulene Chocolats Suisses — so yes, you can also get your chocolate fix here. I can’t wait to go back with the kids! 😀

Chuck’s Deli
Serendra Piazza,
Fort Bonifacio Global City

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