Christmas with Holiday Whole-Meat Ham!

One of the things we like about Christmas is the abundance of ham! We love ham, especially the kind that’s from whole boneless meat glazed with sweet sauce. It’s so yummy! We’d eat it with toasted bread, rice and fried sunny side up eggs, or even just sliced on its own. We prefer having Holiday Whole-Meat Ham at home, not the cheap meatloaf type mishmash of unidentifiable meat parts.

CDO Holiday Whole-Meat HamSo anyway, I was doing my grocery shopping earlier today at SM Supermarket. I proceeded to the frozen section. Ham, the round juicy all-meat kind, is always in my supermarket list. Everyone at home loves it. We usually have it for breakfast and merienda. That said, I buy Holiday Ham all year round… not just during Christmas. Lucky for me there was an ongoing promo — for every purchase of Holiday Whole-Meat Ham, I could get a free 1.5 liter bottle of Coke… and if I bought 5 hams, I could get a 6th one for free! So I put a nice round 1.5kg Holiday Whole-Meat Ham inside my shopping cart.

When I see Holiday Whole-Meat Ham and Cheese, it’s my dad I remember. When I was still single and living in my dad’s house in Caloocan, our favorite all-day food item was sliced and glazed Holiday Whole-Meat Ham along with sliced Cheese Ball. This year marks our second Christmas that without my dad and seeing these food items all bundled together reminds me of those years we would all (dad, stepmom, my siblings, and I) gather round the table with just ham and cheese… (yeah we did that a lot every December). It was kind of our version of chichiria.

CDO Holiday Whole-Meat Ham
I forgot to take a photo of the whole ham before slicing because I got overly excited… but there were actually net marks on the surface! Only whole meat hams can be smoked in a ham net. Holiday Whole-Meat Hams are simmered in a special holiday sauce so they’re more flavorful compared to regular ham. See that shiny glaze? Yum! So anyway, I sliced the ham and it was able to fill up two plastic containers like the one I used above. My hubby, kids, and I like making sandwiches with sliced and glazed holiday ham. If you don’t like slicing ham, pre-sliced Holiday Whole-Meat Hams are also available.

Danes Cheese BallSomeone gave us a Christmas basket with a Danes Cheese Ball in the office earlier this week and so I sliced some of that too.

CDO Holiday Whole-Meat HamWhat I did was pop a couple of Holiday Whole-Meat Ham slices in the oven toaster and then heated them for a few minutes. I didn’t put glaze because I wanted to try it on its own without adding anything as to get a good taste of what it’s like. I also added some Danes Cheese Ball pieces on the side. It’s was just like the good old days at my dad’s house (except back then we had a platter). I love how the ham is so tender, flavorful, and free from extenders. It actually sort of sizzled in the sauce (the ham is fully immersed in sauce even as it’s wrapped and sealed in the supermarket) as I was heating it. It’s made from whole boneless meat from the pig’s hind leg which is the best pork part for hams. It’s really really good… so good that our idea of a ham sandwich is a slice or two in between 2 pieces of toasted bread, lol!

Holiday Whole-Meat Ham is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. Price points are as follows:

  • 1kg Whole – P490
  • 1kg Pre-Sliced – P490
  • 1.5kg Whole – P735
  • 1.5kg Pre-sliced – P735

For more information, log on to the Holiday Whole-Meat Ham Facebook Page.

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