Chef’s Noodle in Robinsons Magnolia

Hubby and I spotted Chef’s Noodle, a newly opened Korean franchise, at Robinsons Magnolia a couple of weeks ago. Given our penchant for Korean food, we decided to have lunch there right off the bat.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaIt’s located at the lower ground floor level beside Saizen.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaThe interiors are characterized by wooden walls and yellow chairs.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaEach table is equipped with a call device.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaYou just push a button for service or push a button to bill out.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaBecause I’m cheap when it comes to food, I was immediately attracted to the Bibimbap Meal (P99, pictured above). It’s traditional Korean steamed rice with seasoned vegetables (lettuce, beansprouts, cabbage, seaweed, etc.) and an egg in a clay pot. You can have it with your choice of either beef, chicken, or pork. I opted for beef. Since it’s a meal, it also comes with your choice of flavored iced tea (strawberry or lemon). I mixed all the stuff in the clay pot together. The Bibimbap was okay, but I thought it lacked meat. I remember ordering Bibimbap when I was in a food court in Korea and it was soooo good. This one isn’t bad, and for P99 you do get what you paid for because it’s a filling meal in itself. I like how the rice at the bottom of the bowl became crunchy.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaI chose to have Lemon Iced Tea. It sucked — too sweet and did not taste anything like tea.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons Magnolia
Hubby ordered their signature dish, Chef’s Noodle (P150) –Korean fresh noodles with beef and anchovy broth topped with leeks, beansprouts, fried tofu, spring onion, red pepper, egg roll, and bulgogi. It came in a big bowl. I think it can easily feed two people. The soup is kind of spicy and the noodles were cooked perfecty al dente. It’s very filling, just like the Bibimbap. Hubby liked it. I thought it was okay.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaWe were given a ladle and two bowls so we could share.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaLast but not least, we ordered Starking Fire Sushi (P160). This is Chef’s Noodle’s most popular dish created by its founder, celebrity chef Choi In Sun. It’s basically thinly sliced Australian beef (or seafood, depending on what you choose, we went for beef) wrapped around sushi rice. You tell the server your desired doneness and he will start torching it till it’s achieved.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaOur beef went from raw to cooked right in front of us. We told him we wanted it well done.

Chef's Noodle Robinsons MagnoliaHere’s the finished product. This was the best thing we ordered. Tender beef, tasty and chewy sushi rice… it’s served with soy sauce and wasabi on the side too. Delicious! You’ve got to try this when you visit Chef’s Noodle. Everything else you can pass up, lol! There are however still a lot of items on the menu that we haven’t tried so we’ll probably go back another time.

Chef’s Noodle
Lower Ground Floor Robinsons Magnolia
Aurora Blvd., Quezon City

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