Charm Pro #22 Angled Foundation Brush Review

Since I’m always using BB Cream (and now CC Cream), my dear friend Sophie thoughtfully sent me her newest makeup brush, the Charm Pro #22 Angled Foundation Brush. When I went to makeup school almost two years ago, I used the Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set which served me really well. In fact, I still use it to do makeup for family and friends pro-bono, lol. I realized I just don’t have the time to pursue a full-blown career as a makeup artist.

Charm Pro #22 Angled Foundation Brush Review

It’s a full-sized brush. Unlike the usual foundation brush, the brush tip is slanted. I will explain why in a bit.

Charm Pro #22 Angled Foundation Brush Review

Here’s the brush tip up close. This brush is ideal for applying BB Cream, CC Cream, and/or liquid foundation.

Charm Pro #22 Angled Foundation Brush Review

I tried using it last week. I normally use my fingers when applying BB Cream or CC Cream (because I find it’s the quickest way to do it when I’m in a hurry) but using a brush eliminates messy fingers. I hate it when everything I touch becomes beige because I haven’t washed my hands yet but going to the bathroom to clean up often while applying makeup is quite inconvenient.

Charm Pro #22 Angled Foundation Brush Review

Here’s where the angled tip comes in — it deposits product perfectly at the sides of your nose plus you can use it to do some contouring.

What I like about Charm Pro #22 Angled Foundation Brush:

  • It’s a good sized brush, neither too big nor too small. You can cover your entire face with product pretty quickly.
  • The angled tip makes it easy to efficiently deposit product into corners your face… like the sides of your nose, underneath your lower lips, etc.
  • Using this brush eliminates messy fingers.
  • It’s versatile because you can use it to do some contouring as well, especially at the cheek areas. This is mainly because of the brush tip’s shape. When I was in makeup school, we used a similarly shaped blush brush to contour the cheeks.
  • The bristles are soft, smooth, and do not irritate my face.
  • It’s reasonably priced at P700. Good quality brushes usually go for over a thousand per piece.

Downside? Since it is angled, I couldn’t really use circular motions to refine the blending, so I had to use another brush for that. This is excellent for application because you can distribute the product all over your face real quick, but you can get a more polished look by having a Stippling Brush or round/flat-headed brush for blending. Or you could sweep the brush back and forth to blend… although I personally prefer the circular motion.

The Charm Pro #22 Angled Foundation Brush is available for P700 at selected Crossings branches and the SoFA Retail Lab. Or you could buy online from

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