Cerchio Restaurant Quezon City

We held a simple baby shower for Didi at Cerchio near Tomas Morato last Feb. 18, 2011. It was everyone’s first time in the restaurant. It exuded an ambiance that’s similar to Romulo Cafe‘s. As I suspected, it’s owned by the same group.

Cerchio Restaurant Quezon CityThe interiors are pretty cool, although I wasn’t able to take photos of the surrounding areas since it was a full house. This happened to be a reserved long table whose patrons had not yet arrived.

Cerchio Restaurant Quezon CityI ordered Grilled Chicken with Chorizo & Saba (P90, pictured above) soup. I was surprised because there was so little of it on the big but shallow bowl. It was very flavorful, I liked the combination of tastes — the spicy-ness of the chorizo, sweetness of the banana, and the non-descript taste of the chicken all came together pretty well.

Cerchio Restaurant Quezon CityFor my main course, I picked Tenderloin of Beef topped with Onion Marmalade & Blue Cheese (P480, pictured above). It can be served with either mashed potatoes or fries. I opted for the former. Okay, I liked that they got the doneness right as I asked for medium well. The meat was tender and pink inside but not bloody. Problem was, the outer portion tasted charred, so it was on the bitter side. The onion marmalade and blue cheese didn’t really help even after I spread them all over the meat. In the end, I had to ask for A1 steak sauce to mask the burnt taste.

Cerchio Restaurant Quezon CityHubby settled for Grilled Blue Marlin served with Garlic Noodles (P520, pictured above). Here’s the twist: it tasted like my charred-on-the-outside tenderloin beef. Perhaps they forgot to scrape the burnt remnants off the grill? The garlic noodles however, were divine. Flavorful but not greasy, cooked al dente.

Cerchio Restaurant Quezon CityThen our companions decided to get a couple of pizzas for us to pass around and share. Now, I had been warned by Anton Diaz’s blog post that Cerchio’s Sisig Pizza (P320 for a whole pizza, slice pictured above) is …”not good enough to rave about” but that’s really putting it mildly (the man is too kind in most of his reviews so I really do not believe he is BBB — but that’s another story). Sisig Pizza was just plain bad, ironically its toted as one of the house specialties. See the yellow thing above? It’s not cheese, it’s sweetened egg. The crust was not crisp, in fact I found it makunat. The sisig was moist and icky. As a whole it tasted like old pizza.

Cerchio Restaurant Quezon CityAside from the Sisig Pizza we also had Chili Con Carne Pizza (pictured above). I think it cost about the same as the Sisig Pizza but I’m not sure because at that point I wasn’t really paying attention anymore. At least it was better than the Sisig Pizza.

Overall I really don’t see myself going back to Cerchio anytime soon. The interiors and ambiance are ideal for dating couples and intimate gatherings but the food is nothing to write home about.

#76 Scout Limbaga St.,
Quezon City

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