C2 Classic Cuisine’s all-day-merienda and dessert for lunch!

Last Sunday, my 5-year old daughter and I went on an Easter date at the Power Plant Mall. We started with lunch at C2 Classic Cuisine.

The interiors and Pandan Iced Tea at C2 Classic CuisineWe ordered a tall glass of Pandan Iced Tea (P70, pictured above) to quench our thirst while we waited for our food. It was on the sweet side, I squeezed in the calamansi that came with it to balance the taste.

Arroz Caldo at C2 Classic CuisineC2 Classic Cuisine serves a wide variety of Filipino dishes. Since there was just the two of us, it wasn’t really practical to order viands and rice. We settled for the Arroz Caldo (P120, pictured above) found on the menu’s all-day-merienda section. It came in a big triangular bowl, and the waitress graciously provided us with two smaller bowls so we could share. Arroz Caldo is a Filipino porridge with chicken chunks and ginger. It’s usually topped with toasted garlic and green onions. This one even had a whole hard-boiled egg inside. It was great at first, we liked that it was flavorful but after a few spoonfuls I realized that it was really too tasty for its own good. Either there was too much salt or MSG or both. We weren’t able to finish our order… my throat couldn’t take it.

Suman with Langka Dip at C2 Classic CuisineI ordered Suman with Langka Dip (P140, pictured above) to accompany our Arroz Caldo. Three big suman topped with pinipig came. I don’t really like langka (jackfruit) but I was intrigued by the dish. Anyhow, eating the suman helped offset the saltiness of the Arroz Caldo. Too bad my daughter could not appreciate it, thus I ended up eating one and having the remaining two wrapped up.

Bibingka Souffle at C2 Classic CuisineFor dessert I couldn’t help but order Bibingka Souffle (P145, pictured above) because I wanted to see and taste what it was like. It looked just like a normal souffle, except that it was topped with grated Queso De Bola (Edam cheese). It was light and fluffy, and you had to pour the “sauce” that was served on the side in order to get that bibingka (Filipino rice cake) flavor.

Bibingka Souffle at C2 Classic CuisineAs I dug deeper into the souffle, I found chunks of salted egg just like you would on an actual bibingka. Yum! Dessert was undoubtedly the best part of our C2 Classic Cuisine lunch date.

Service is excellent. The servers are very attentive and have good foresight. I never had to ask for water or additional plates and utensils throughout lunch, it’s as if they knew exactly what we needed and provided it automatically. Prices are reasonable too, based on what I saw from skimming through the menu.
I’ll probably be back to sample their normal dishes that aren’t under the merienda and dessert categories. The restaurant was jam-packed when we were there so I think there’s a lot more to discover. 🙂

C2 Classic Cuisine
2/F Archaeology Wing, Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell Drive cor. Estrella St., Makati City

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