Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu!

I was invited to check out Bulgogi Brothers’ newest offering — Korean-Style Shabu Shabu! I went straight to Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt 5 after my meeting at the Makati CBD.

Bulgogi Brothers Korean Shabu Shabu

I haven’t been to Bulgogi Brothers in a while. The first and last time was back in 2011 during typhoon Pedring. The place hasn’t changed.

Bulgogi Brothers Korean Shabu Shabu

While waiting for the others, I was served Yuja Ade (P120, pictured above) and some boiled sweet potatoes and sweet corn. Yuja Ade is a citron-based beverage which I found to be very refreshing.

Bulgogi Brothers Korean Shabu Shabu

Before bringing out the Koream Shabu-Shabu, banchan (Korean side dishes) were served. At Bulgogi Brothers, there will always be 5 kinds of banchan on any given day. The sweet potates + corn and the leafy salad are constant, the 3 others vary. For that day it was candied dilis, kimchi, and tofu cubes.

Bulgogi Brothers Korean Shabu Shabu

I had very limited time in the event since I had to pick up my kids from school and so I was only able to try the Mixed Seafood Shabu-Shabu (P695, pictured above). One order ideally serves two (2) people for a full and filling meal. Fresh clams, blue crab, mussles, squid, and assorted vegetables are cooked over a red hot spicy broth. The shabu-shabu ingredients are actually served dry. The server pours the broth onto the pot and we wait for it to simmer. This is the 1st way of enjoying the Korean Shabu-Shabu, sipping the hot soup and enjoying all the trimmings!

Bulgogi Brothers Korean Shabu Shabu

Next, noodles are served and you can toss them in your Shabu-Shabu at your own pace. I liked the broth as it was not overly spicy. This is the 2nd way of enjoying Korean Shabu-Shabu.

Bulgogi Brothers Korean Shabu Shabu

For the 3rd and final way, the server creates a tasty rice porridge called juk from the same Shabu-Shabu broth with Korean Rice topped with seaweed, vegetables, and egg. This caps off your filling Korean Shabu-Shabu meal!

If seafood isn’t your thing you can have Beef and Veggies for P595 (beef bulgogi, leeks, peppers, cabbage, bean sprouts, and mushrooms) or Ham and Sausage for P695 (ham, sausage, cabbage, bean sprouts, mushroom, and gochujang (Korean hot chili paste).  The Korean Shabu-Shabu prices are inclusive of noodles and rice.

Bulgogi Brothers Greenbelt 5

I also got to try another one of Bulgogi Brothers’ new dishes, the King Galbi Tang (P595, pictured above). It’s reminiscent of bulalo because of the beef ribs but it’s a lot cleaner-tasting and less greasy compared to the former. The beef is fall-off-the-bone tender and the broth is very comforting.

There were a few other new dishes namely Beef Belly BBQ, Mushroom Beef Brisket, and Pork Bulgogi but I was unable to stick around long enough to try them.

Bulgogi Brothers restaurants are located at:

  • Glorietta 2
  • Greenbelt 5
  • Alabang Town Center
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • Newport Mall (soon to open)

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