Bonchon Chicken Robinsons Galleria

One Saturday morning hubby and I met one of our tenants in Ortigas and ended up at Bonchon Chicken Robinsons Galleria around lunch time.

Bonchon Chicken Robinsons GalleriaWe needed to have a quick lunch because we had to go back to the office. Bonchon Chicken Robinsons Galleria since was relatively uncrowded.

Bonchon Chicken Robinsons GalleriaHubby ordered Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad (P125). It’s fresh, light, and tasty. Lettuce, fried chicken fillet pieces, julienned carrots, fried tofu and crunchy tortilla strips are tossed in a zesty sesame vinaigrette dressing which is served on the side.

Bonchon Chicken Robinsons GalleriaHe also had the Crispy Shrimp Ricebox which comes with a glass of iced tea (P149). Three pieces of battered shrimp in Bonchon’s signature soy garlic glaze are served atop steamed white rice. Just imagine Bonchon Chicken, except it’s shrimp inside.

Bonchon Chicken Robinsons GalleriaI decided to order from Bonchon’s Start Fresh menu. They had a flyer at the counter advertising Bulgogi Noodle Soup + Snackwich + Iced Tea Lite for P149 so that was what I got. The broth tasted like sukiyaki, so it was quite good but somehow the beef piece that came with it was so tough I could not bite into it.

Bonchon Chicken Robinsons GalleriaThe burger is small, merienda-size to be exact (hey it IS actually called a snackwich), and I chose to have a double garlic chicken patty. Small as the burger was, it was delicious and I loved every bite.

Bonchon Chicken Robinsons GalleriaI knew I would not be full from the snackwich combo so I ordered dessert in the form of Crispy Crepe Koyo Ala Mode (P80) which was something I haven’t tried. I chose the Apple Caramel variant.

Bonchon Chicken Robinsons GalleriaOkay, so Crispy Crepe Koyo Ala Mode in Apple Caramel is best described as frozen yogurt-topped McDonald’s Apple Pie with caramel drizzle. Lol. You be the judge if you will like it. For me it was just okay. I think the tartness of their yogurt (their yogurt is really really tart) would better be complemented by a sweeter fruit like banana.

All in all we had a great lunch at Bonchon Chicken Robinsons Galleria!

Bonchon Chicken
2/F Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Quezon City

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