Boggle Flash fun for the family!

I got Boggle Flash from Play Matters late last year, but it’s only now that I’m finally getting to review it. I love word games so I was pretty certain that I’d have a lot of fun with Boggle Flash.

Boggle FlashI played a lot of board games when I was a little girl — Monopoly, Risk, The Game of Life, Cluedo, Mastermind… you name it, I’ve probably played it.

BoggleBoggle was one of the games I played… the old Boggle that is. The one with the letter dice that you shake around to form words while the sand timer is running.

Boggle FlashAnyhow, Boggle Flash is the state-of-the-art version of that classic word game. It even comes with lithium batteries so it’s ready to play right out of the box.
Boggle FlashYou get five digital game tiles, a portable black storage case, and instruction leaflets out of the box.

Boggle Flash

The tiles stack horizontally for easy pack-up.

Boggle Flash

Tadaa! It’s ready for storage or travel.

Boggle FlashI love how Boggle Flash doesn’t take up too much space like the usual board games. We have a severe lack of closet space at home so this is really handy.

Boggle FlashAnyhow, pressing on the buttons on the digital tiles reveals five random letters. You have to move the letters around to form 2-5 letter words.
Boggle FlashThere are sensors on the sides of the tiles that recognize formed words. The word will be highlighted in black when it is “recorded”. This game is very smart, it knows when you’ve repeated a word and it keeps score of how many words you’ve formed within the time limit.

Boggle FlashAfter time’s up, your score is revealed. In this case, my daughter got 7 words out of 14 (the tiles will flash the maximum number of words after revealing your score).

What we love about Boggle Flash:

  • The game is definitely addictive! We can keep playing this indefinitely. XD
  • It’s very easy to learn. My 7-year old daughter got it immediately and the game’s suggested age is 8 and up.
  • It’s very convenient for travel, so long as you have a flat surface to play on. No papers, pencils, or calculators needed plus it packs up into a small storage box.
  • Batteries are included! Don’t you just hate it when you excitedly open a new toy or game and discover that you need to buy batteries?
  • You can play by yourself or compete with another player.
  • It’s great wholesome fun plus it’s educational!

Downside? Well, it does cost almost P2k — P1,899.75 to be exact. I think it’s a worthwhile investment though. We buy original Sony Playstation 3 games for that price or even higher and I think this is so much better than a video game.

Boggle Flash is available at leading toy stores and department stores. You can also order straight from the exclusive Philippine distributor Play Matters and avail of free shipping! 😀

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