Biscoff Spread — the better cookie butter!

Since I’ve been living under a rock, I was among the last to try the much talked-about cookie butters.. namely Biscoff Spread and Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. Cookie butter is supposedly Europe’s alternative to peanut butter. Again, they are made of crushed cookies. Biscoff is actually the name given to the traditional Speculoos (thin and crispy biscuits) in North America, derived from the words Biscuit and Coffee since these biscuits go very well with coffee. Crush them and cream them and voila… you’ve got Biscoff Spread that’s ready to go on bread, pancakes, and pretty much any food with a surface you can spread on.

Biscoff Spread
So anyway, I ordered a couple of jars of Biscoff Spread from My mom brought them over last weekend when she flew in from California.
Biscoff Spread
Like Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter, Biscoff Spread is sealed for your protection. I was surprised to find that it had a much shorter shelf life, since the best before date indicated was July 19, 2013. That’s just 4 months from the date I bought it. Well, the label does say that it’s vegan and made from all natural ingredients without any preservatives so it kind of makes sense. Biscoff Spread is available Creamy or Crunchy… I opted for Creamy.
Biscoff Spread
This is how it looked like when I opened the jar.

Biscoff Spread
Yes, it’s indeed very creamy. Creamier than Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. I tasted a spoonful and expected to be disappointed the way I was with Trader Joe’s but wow, Biscoff Spread actually blew me away. Unlike the former, this one actually reminded me of my favorite gingerbread because the taste and scent of cinnamon and nutmeg were very pronounced. Wow!!! Now I somewhat understood the hype.
Biscoff Spread
I spread it all over warmed pan de sal from the oven toaster. Since the pan de sal was so hot it liquefied a bit and coated the entire surface. It’s sooo good. So frickin’ awesome. I can’t describe its yummy-ness enough. OMG. Now I want to hoard bottles of it. Biscoff Spread has a deeper, richer, and more caramel-like flavor. It’s like creamed gingerbread and caramel that isn’t overly sweet. I love it!
So yeah, between the two cookie butters, Biscoff Spread won me over.
Biscoff Spread
I noticed Biscoff is lighter in color. When you smell both from the bottle, it’s already obvious that Biscoff is the winner because it smells a whole lot better.
Now I kind of regret buying 3 jars of Speculoos.
So, where can you buy Biscoff Spread in Manila?
  • You can order online via Lorena and Loreta (P350 each).
  • It’s available at The Blue Kitchen for P450 each.
  • It’s sometimes available at Healthy Options for under P400.
  • It’s now available at Taste Central for for P325 each.
  • It’s available at Landmark Supermarkets for P340 each.
  • It’s available at SM Aura Supermarket for P349.50 (don’t know about other SM Supermarkets.
If you have relatives in the US, I suggest ordering from or buying from Walmart, Target, CVS, etc.

Which do you like better? Trader Joe’s or Biscoff?

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