My Bio-Oil Experience

Remember that gift I got when I had dinner with beauty queen Lara Quigaman for Bio-Oil? Well, I wasted no time in unboxing it and trying it out.

Bio-Oil ReviewIt’s the little skin secret Lara tells everyone about.

Bio-Oil ReviewIt’s Bio-Oil, the leading anti-stretch marks product in 16 countries, including the UK! It’s now available in the Philippines thanks to Aspen Philippines and a 60ml bottle costs P495.

Bio-Oil ReviewIt’s quite handy. You easily can bring it with you when you travel.

Bio-Oil ReviewThe bottle has a small opening. You’d think it’d spill all over your hand when you try to dispense the product but it actually won’t. You get the oil out seemingly one drop at a time so there’s no wastage.

Bio-Oil ReviewBio-Oil has a very light consistency that spreads over the skin easily.

I’ve been using Bio-Oil in place of body lotion, especially on my tummy area where I have the most stretchmarks due to my pregnancies. I like how easy it is to apply and how it practically disappears without a trace after you massage it onto the skin. Skin doesn’t feel oily or greasy afterwards, just very well-moisturized.

What I like about Bio-Oil:

  • It’s not oily or greasy but it’s a very effective moisturizer.
  • It absorbs quickly — it disappears right after you massage it onto your skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth without leaving a film.
  • It’s mildly scented. I don’t like products with strong perfumes so this is good.
  • It’s economical. A little product goes a long way. I remember Lara telling us over dinner that one bottle of Bio-Oil lasts her a few months and she uses it religiously.
  • It’s reasonably priced. I believe in investing on high quality products that work especially where my skin is concerned so P495 for something that will last at least 2-3 months is very reasonable for me.
  • It isn’t loaded with chemicals which I can’t pronounce the names of, lol. It’s made from natural ingredients.

Downside? None so far. Well, I still have to use it longer in order to see the effects on my stretch marks (at the very least it makes my skin very soft, smooth, and supple so I believe the anti-aging properties work) but as a moisturizer and skin care product it’s excellent.

Bio-Oil is available at leading drugstores nationwide for P495 per 60ml bottle.

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