BGC not safe anymore? It did not happen in BGC — Part 2, UPDATED

Barely two months ago, I blogged about an FB status which caught my eye. It was about a couple of guys who were robbed at BGC. People get robbed everyday everywhere but this was made special by the fact that it happened in a pristine high-end community where people would not think twice about walking from one building to another and so forth.

Kristelle Davantes killed

Today, it’s much much worse. Earlier this afternoon, a friend shared some news she got on her cellphone. She said that a young woman named Kristelle Davantes was allegedly abducted at BGC and subsequently killed. Another friend’s Facebook status (see above) alludes to this. Based on the ABS-CBN news article which came out, the facts are:

  1. She was killed. (Murder)
  2. Her car, a metallic beige 2011 Toyota Altis with plate number PIM 966, is still missing. (Carnapping)
  3. She was found bound and gagged. (Abduction… did not say WHERE it happened)

One of Kae (Kristelle’s) friends e-mailed me and corrected a lot of the inaccurate information going around. First of all, she was NOT raped. Secondly, she was NOT ABDUCTED at The Fort. Let’s stick to the facts as per the ABS-CBN news article BELOW. If I had offended anyone with posting the wrong information, I would like to apologize. I shall be careful next time and to make up for my mistake I would like to help disperse the actual facts.

BGC not safe anymore

This is what happened to Kristelle, as per ABS-CBN news.

This is McCann Worldgroup’s official statement regarding the incident. You can click on the photo for a closer look.

A lot of people were quick to jump the gun to assume this happened at The Fort, probably because that’s where she works. If something like this happened in a shady area, people would not even raise an eyebrow. But again, if something like this happened at Bonifacio Global City or even Rockwell, places where even I like walking around because of the clean and spacious streets, it’s big news in the social networks. Sad to say, beautiful facades gives you a false sense of security and it’s not any of these places’ fault. There are just too many bad people out there WHEREVER you are.

Bottomline is, no place is truly safe anymore no matter how nice and classy it looks. Whether driving, commuting, or just plain walking it’s always important to take precautions:

  1. Pay close attention to your surroundings. Stay in well-lighted and well-populated areas especially at night. Always look to your left, right, and back to make sure there aren’t any suspicious characters lurking about.
  2. Try to get people to accompany you to your car or to the sakayan if you are travelling alone especially at night — the more the merrier. Better yet, carpool if you drive.
  3. If it’s not important, don’t risk it. Personally I decline almost all evening events unless it’s for work (meaning income-generating) and in those cases my hubby usually goes with me or drives me to wherever it is.
  4. If you drive it may be a good idea to install a car alarm with a panic button so you can press it in potentially dangerous situations to help you attract attention.
  5. If you’re walking, don’t do it in shoes that will not allow you to run. Sometimes the ability to run like hell can spell the difference between being able to get away and being caught.

I find this particular incident to be very very disturbing. I can only imagine how her parents feel. When my daughter grows up and starts working, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep at night until she’s safely home.

Please keep safe everyone!

For more details, or to show your support, visit Justice for KAE on Facebook.

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