Bengawan Solo Pineapple Tarts from Singapore!

Every time anyone I know goes off to Singapore and asks what I want, I always say Bengawan Solo Pineapple Tarts.
Bengawan Solo Pineapple TartsI first had a taste of it when a supplier from Singapore gifted my dad with a box.
Bengawan Solo Pineapple TartsBengawan Solo Pineapple TartsMy sister got me this large tray of Bengawan Solo Pineapple Tarts (SG$ 25.80 or P877.25, pictured above) from her recent trip to Singapore.
Bengawan Solo Pineapple TartsI’m not even a fan of pineapple but these finger-shaped tarts are so divine that opening the tray causes its buttery scent to send your olfactory nerves to overdrive. They smell sooo good.

Bengawan Solo Pineapple TartsBengawan Solo Pineapple Tarts are bite-sized. You can polish off one piece in 1-2 bites. It’s hard to stop eating once you start because they’re so heavenly.

Bengawan Solo Pineapple TartsThe flaky crust is rich, soft, and buttery. The center is filled with tangy pineapple paste which is sweet and tart at the same time. The ingredient list is simple: milk, flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and pineapple… but I exaggerate not when I say you can taste every single one of them with every bite. This is really one must-try treat when you’re in Singapore.

For more info, log on to — aside from Pineapple Tarts they have a lot of other baked goods. I’ve actually tried their Kaya, Lapis Sagu, and Kueh Talam but I think the Pineapple Tarts is what really sets them apart from every other pastry chain in Singapore. 🙂

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