Beauty Bar gets a makeover!

I was invited to the Beauty Bar Summer Around the World event a few weeks ago. I thought it was a showcase of beauty products for the summer. Well, it sort of was lol since I discovered a lot of sun care and sun protection products during the event.

Beauty BarWe were given Beauty Bar passports upon registration.

Beauty BarWith the passport comes a challenge — if you get a sticker from all of the stations in the event, you’ll get a special gift at the end of your beauty journey.

Beauty BarWe set off immediately, lol! Beauty Bar-exclusive products flanked all the stations.

Beauty BarI got to try some of The Balm’s makeup products.

Beauty BarWe had some snacks and refreshing summer drinks too.

Beauty BarA lot of new brands that I haven’t seen in Beauty Bar before caught my eye — one of them was Eva NYC. They have a lot of really good stuff for the hair. They have combs and brushes too — they even have Argan Oil-infused combs! It seems Beauty Bar scoured the world to find these fresh new brands:

  • Natura Siberica (Russia)
  • Hei Poa (Tahiti)
  • Eva NYC (USA)
  • Deserving Thyme (Canada)
  • Fior de Bach and Phytorelax (Italy)
  • Bomb Cosmetics (UK)
  • Kracie (Japan)
  • Sophie La Giraffe and Heloise de V. (France)
  • Tan Organic (Ireland)
  • Epiology (Australia)

Beauty BarI love smelling these lovely creams from Bomb Cosmetics. They have lotions, shower gels, scrubs…

Beauty BarI filled up the pages of my passport as I went around.

Beauty BarYou could put on Lulu DK Tattoos in one of the stations.

Beauty BarI chose a simple one and I didn’t pile it on. Wow, I actually look like I have a bracelet. It’s so cool. These Lulu DK Tattoos stay on until you try to get them off. Keyword: TRY. The Lulu DK folks told me all I had to do was use body scrub and I did until my skin was red and they would not come off. I washed, scrubbed, applied oil and lotion… no can do. It took a few days before they got off completely. By the way, I don’t recommend wearing Lulu DK Tattoos to the beach. One of my friends did and when took them off she had well, Lulu DK Tattoo lines (think tan lines in the shape of Lulu DK patterns).

Beauty BarAnyhow, the finish line is the newly opened Beauty Bar at Central Square, Bonifacio Global City. This new store sports the new look that will eventually be adapted by all the branches. Isn’t it classy?

Beauty BarI remember Beauty Bar having a pastel vibe. Everything seems golden now. Beauty Bar is a skin care, hair care, and make up enthusiast’s paradise.

Beauty BarThere’s an entire rack full of Kracie body care and hair care products!

Beauty BarThey have a whole selection of nail products too.

Beauty BarThere’s a Dashing Diva nail salon inside this Beauty Bar branch.

Beauty BarAside from hair products, Beauty Bar carries hair accessories too.

Beauty BarThis was my prize for completing the passport stamps. 😀

Beauty BarI opened it when I got home and what do you know, Scunci hair accessories! I’ve been using Scunci ever since my high school days. I used to have to buy from the US. Beauty Bar carries a wide array of Scunci products now. My daughter and I are sharing this set. I also got to take home some products from Eva NYC, Hei Poa, Juice Beauty, Cabana Sun, Bomb Cosmetics, etc. to try. 😀

Thank you Beauty Bar for inviting me to this fun event!

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  • Reply Jean June 16, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    I wanna try their Scunci Evolution elastics. Is it available kaya sa branch nila sa Trinoma? Better yet, do you know any online shops that have this? Thank you so much!

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