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Avida Asilo Tagaytay. They say that home is where the heart is. If that were true, home would be in cool and mountainous Tagaytay. I’ve always loved how it gets chilly at night there even without air-conditioning. Nothing beats walking around the verdant landscape of Tagaytay with the sun shining down on you while a refreshing breeze blows.

Avida Asilo TagaytayOne of the reasons why we don’t go to Tagaytay as often as we’d like to is the drive. It takes at least a couple of hours to get there from Manila then we stay for a while only to go back before it gets too late. During those times, you’d get to thinking that wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere to stay so you don’t have to rush off all the time? That is where Avida Asilo Tagaytay comes in.

Avida Asilo TagaytayLocated 5 minutes away from the Tagaytay Rotonda, it’s close to numerous restaurants, places of worship, and various leisure spots. The name Asilo actually stems from the Tagalog word “silong” which means to take shelter. I had a chance to visit the actual site where Avida Asilo Tagaytay will soon stand.

Avida Asilo TagaytayI also checked out the model units at the Avida Land showroom. Unfurnished, a studio unit (22-30 sqm) would look something like this.

Avida Asilo TagaytayEach unit comes with a built-in kitchen cupboard and sink.

Avida Asilo TagaytayThere’s also a toilet and bath with a shower area.

Avida Asilo TagaytayCheck out what a bit of interior designing can do to that very same 22 sqm unit I posted above. I was like… wow. It’s actually a complete home! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Avida Asilo TagaytayThe space was totally transformed.

Avida Asilo TagaytayI can totally imagine going home to something like this in Tagaytay.

Avida Asilo TagaytayEven the bathroom got a facelift. I was so impressed by what could be done with such a compact studio unit.

Avida Asilo TagaytayAdd a bit more space and you’d have a one bedroom unit of about 40sqm such as this one.

Avida Asilo TagaytayThere is now a separate living room.

Avida Asilo TagaytayThere’s also an enclosed bedroom which can accommodate a pretty big bed.

Avida Asilo TagaytaySample Two Bedroom Unit – approximate size of a 2-bedroom unit in Tower 1 is 60 sqm, while Garden/Ridge view 2-bedroom units will be at 80sqm.

Avida Asilo TagaytayIt definitely gives you a lot more space to play around with in terms of interiors.

Avida Asilo TagaytayI was impressed with the size of the kitchen too!

Avida Asilo TagaytayA dining area for four can be easily accommodated.

Avida Asilo TagaytayThere’s a master bedroom with its own toilet and bath.

Avida Asilo TagaytayThe master bathroom is more spacious than the previous ones I’ve seen.

Avida Asilo TagaytayThe second bedroom is slightly smaller than the master bedroom but can fit all the essentials.

Avida Asilo Tagaytay is a good option if you’re looking to acquire a vacation home that’s within driving distance and conveniently located near major landmarks and thoroughfares. You can also consider it if you’re looking to invest your money. It’s perfect timing because my hubby and I are currently trying to secure sources for passive income. We can do it with Asilo Tagaytay since we can rent out the place to vacationers and tourists with the help of Leasing Services by Avida should we decide to make a purchase.

Avida Asilo Tagaytay units are markedly more spacious compared to those located in Metro Manila. Amenities and facilities will include:

  • Adult and kids’ swimming pools
  • Children’s play area
  • Garden and open spaces
  • Multi-purpose hall / Clubhouse
  • Lakeview deck
  • Walkway with trellises
  • Hammocks
  • Lounge and sitting area
Once complete, Avida Asilo Tagaytay will be a destination in itself. It will be the newest hub for weekend lunches, shopping, and a center for products and goods that are unique to Tagaytay.

Prices for the units are as follows:

  • Studio (22 – 30 sqm) – P2 million to P2.5 million
  • 1 Bedroom (40 sqm) – P4.2 to P4.6 million
  • 2 Bedroom (60 sqm) – P6.4 to P7.5 million

For more information, log on to http://bit.ly/AsiloTagaytay. You may also contact Avida thru (+632)848-5200. Since Avida Land belongs to the Ayala Group of Companies, I have utmost confidence that this community will promote sustainable living that is in harmony with the environment. I’m sure it will be maintained perfectly too so I know that my investment will hold its value in the years to come.

*This post is brought to you in part by Avida Land. All experiences and opinions stated herein are wholly mine.

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