Ascott Makati Breakfast Buffet

During our staycation at Ascott Makati, we had breakfast at Cafe on the 6th, Ascott Makati’s restaurant located on the 6th floor.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetCafe on the 6th serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s where the Ascott Makati Breakfast Buffet is served.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetIt’s very spacious! There are a lot of tables and chairs but it doesn’t feel cramped or crowded.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetAnyhow, breakfast was surprisingly diverse and delicious. For starters you can make your own salad.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetThere’s a selection of breads which you can warm on the toaster / oven located right next to them.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetCheesy ensaymadas too!

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetThe Ascott Bacon was my favorite part of the breakfast buffet. They’re baked and not fried so they’re really crispy and crunchy without being greasy. I had to really control myself as not to overindulge because they’re just too yummy.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetThere’s French Toast on top of all the other breads and pastries.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetSausage! There were actually a lot more breakfast items like potato wedges and chicken but I wasn’t able to take photos of every single thing.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetPasta too. Well aside from pasta they also had congee and noodles.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetRoast Turkey for breakfast? Game!

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetThere’s a nice selection of muesli plus flavored yogurt and milk.

Ascott Makati Breakfast Buffet
We were served a platter of fresh fruits (although fresh fruits are also available at the buffet area). The fruits were sooo perfect — just the right level of ripeness and sweetness.

Ascott Makati Breakfast BuffetThis was what I had for breakfast. I had an omelet with everything as they have an omelet station where you can customize how you want your eggs for breakfast.

Ascott Makati Breakfast Buffet Rates are as follows:

  • Adults P1,130.61
  • Children 12 yrs old and below P565.29

Overall, I found the Ascott Makati Breakfast Buffet to be satisfying. Suffice to say we all enjoyed Ascott Makati’s breakfast buffet spread at Cafe on the 6th.

Cafe on the 6th
6/F Ascott Makati
Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City
729-8888 / 550-3200

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