Apple iPad — unboxing my new toy!

I got an Apple iPad 16GB from my generous stepdad some weeks ago. It was kind of funny really. We were all talking on Skype (mom, me, stepdad, and younger sis). They asked me what I wanted from the US since my sister was on vacation there and would be coming home with stuff. I told them I just wanted some decent dental floss when suddenly my stepdad whipped out an Apple iPad and told me “Okay na ba ito?”

Apple iPad 16GBOf course I was flabbergasted at how my pack of dental floss suddenly turned into the hottest gadget of the year.

Apple iPad 16GBThe iPad was encased in clear plastic when I took it out of the box. It’s like a gigantic iPhone or iTouch. Yaaay, finally a replacement for my stolen iTouch.

Apple iPad 16GB
I find the clean and ergonomic design so very cute.

Unboxing the iPad

It came with a quick start guide and an Apple logo decal…

Apple iPad charger…plus a USB cable and charger. Take note the charger specs for the iPad are different from that of the iPhone so you can’t really interchange them. The iPad also doesn’t charge when plugged into your computer.

Apple iPad 16GBI plugged the Apple iPad into my HP Mini 311 and downloaded the latest version of iTunes, synched, and I was good to go. Took all of 10 minutes? Maybe less…

I’ve been using the iPad for a little more than a week now and it rocks. No boot-up rocks. Having it on standby doesn’t consume battery power at all, so I could leave it as is overnight and the power percentage would remain the same. I also got an Apple iPad case, a Griffin screen protector, and a padded Wenger sleeve with it. My stepdad really went for the works, hehe.
I decided not to jailbreak my iPad because I don’t want to void the worldwide warranty. Besides, there are a lot of free apps I’m currently enjoying. More on the accessories, apps, and actual usage in some future posts. 😀
Thank you to my kind and generous stepdad for the rocking birthday gift! 😀
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