Animetric’s Top 5 BB Creams for 2013

Another BB Cream question I get asked a lot is what is/are my favorite BB Cream(s). I don’t have just one because I have several on my dresser at any given time. As of August 2013 though, these are my top five:

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50
#1 Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50 PA+++ (P1,950) – Full review HERE.

This is definitely my go-to BB Cream and the one that I use most often. I really like the fact that it comes in a compact with an applicator puff so it’s not messy to put on. I love that it matches my skin tone perfectly and it’s not thick or greasy yet it’s buildable in terms of coverage. It feels so light on the face that it’s like you have nothing on. It comes with a refill when you buy it so it’s kind of like buying two products for the price.

I use Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion during important occasions like this one.

Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream

#2 Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream (P1,550) – Full review HERE.

This is what I use when I need coverage. It gives more coverage compared to Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion and is actually quite comparable with foundation. I don’t use it as often during the daytime because unfortunately it has no SPF. Still, if you want to look great and you’ll be spending most of the day indoors, it shouldn’t matter so much (or you can put on a lightweight sunscreen before applying this). It also contains 5 treatment essences that nourish the skin. I had a pimple the day that I reviewed this but you don’t see it anywhere, right? That’s how good the coverage is! Even I don’t remember where the pimple is, lol! It comes with a sponge-tip for mess-free application, another plus point.

J.Co Eastwood

Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream also makes your skin glow in photos. Wow. Love it!

Heynature Aqua Blast BB Cream SPF 35

#3 Heynature Aqua Blast BB Cream SPF 35 PA++ (P1,300) – Full review HERE.

I love how this BB makes my skin look luminous but not oily. The consistency is very light and smooth so its very easy to apply. You can use your fingers and it would look perfect since it just glides and blends into the skin effortlessly. I love the brightening effect too. Coverage is on the light side but it’s perfect for daily use if you don’t really have anything major to conceal. I would best describe this BB’s effect as my skin, only better, lol!

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

#4 Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ (P1,600) – Full review HERE.

I bought this BB when I went to Korea last summer. Before the trip, I had gone to the beach a couple of times with family and friends so I was a bit darker than normal. As a result, I was given shade no. 23 by the Missha salesperson. The problem is, after a few months, no. 23 became too dark for me because my skin had reverted to its original lighter shade. My actual Missha M Perfect Cover BB shade turned out to be no. 21 after all. That’s the only reason why I haven’t been able to use this as often as I would have wanted — I didn’t want to repurchase no. 21 because I still had a tube of no. 23. That and well, Missha prices here in the Philippines are way too high. I bought this BB for P600+ in Korea and here it’s P1,600 — more than double the Korean SRP! This however, is an excellent BB Cream and it’s the bestseller in Korea as it lives up to its name. It provides great coverage so it’s actually comparable with foundation, except that it feels a lot lighter on the face and it has a high SPF. My mom tried this and actually ended up replacing her foundation with it.

Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream

#5 Tonymoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ (P328) – Full review HERE.

I use this when my skin feels oily and greasy… or when it’s too hot and humid and I don’t want my face to shine like a lightbulb. This is one of the most matte BBs I’ve used and I can’t believe it’s so cheap. It doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as the first four but it is functional and it does keep the shine away so it’s highly recommended for those with oily skin. There is however only one shade — luckily, it matches my skin tone! I actually went for 8 hours without blotting and my face still looked decent… dewy by then but still not greasy.

There you go, my top 5 BBs as of August 14, 2013. There are still a lot of BBs I haven’t tried (now there are CCs too) so anytime I find more that I really like, they will probably make up a future list.

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