An Open Letter to a PR Agency

Dear PR person,

Thank you for inviting me to your event. I had a nice enough time and a few of my good friends who were also invited made the experience pretty fun. Imagine my surprise when I get home and read an email telling me to email you when I upload my blog post. Last time I checked, it’s actually YOUR job to monitor media releases for your client. It’s part of why they’re paying you in the first place. As for me, no one’s paying me to attend, blog, or even do anything in relation to your event and the brand you represent. In fact I have to spend for gas and spend my time… and time is a precious commodity which I cannot take back. If it’s too tedious for you to keep checking everyday then by all means subscribe to my blog so everything is emailed to you straight off the dashboard.

Since I am generally polite, I replied to your email and told you that okay, I’ll let you know when the post is up. That should’ve been enough since I’m actually already helping you out with your monitoring duties. But no, less than a week after the event you actually have the gall to text me a follow-up message asking me when I will post. Again, in the spirit of being courteous, I reply. I tell you that I have a lot of backlogs but I assure you that I will post. That should have been enough because again, I’m providing you with a free service. What irks me is that after I give my word that I will post, something which I am technically not required to do since it’s really MY prerogative if I want to or not, you give me a deadline. Who are you, my editor? My editors can give me deadlines because the magazines are actually paying me to write those articles. But you, my dear PR agency, are just requesting a free service.

But wait… I have more news for you. Your event is not the only one I’ve attended and your brand’s products are not the only ones lined up for review. I have a backlog the length of EDSA and I’m not a cut-and-paste type of person so my blog posts take time to compose. I make sure I incorporate something personal as an added value because after all, this is still a personal blog and as such you can’t dictate what I’m going to say and when I’m going to say it. What’s funny is paying advertisers actually don’t pressure me the way you do. What gives you the right to slap me with a deadline?

I’ve never liked your agency in the first place because you do sloppy work plus magulo kayo kausap sa totoo lang. I decided to give you a chance last week because it was convenient for me to do so and I didn’t want to close doors or burn bridges. Don’t worry, I will keep my word and rest assured that I will eventually post about it – but I will do so in my own time so please stop badgering me because it only pisses me off and the only effect it will have is to delay the post further.

Maybe you’re thinking that since you gave me free products I’m in your debt. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I can actually afford to buy everything you gave me, thank you.

I speak only for myself with this letter. I’m not generalizing everyone on the blogosphere because we all operate on our own terms and lucky you if you can find bloggers who will appreciate your demanding ways.

Thank you and good evening!

Truly Yours,

Rowena Wendy Lei

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